The support for our upcoming nullification video series: Teach 150,000 people to nullify, was above and beyond what we had aimed for. This is allowing us to ramp up the quality of our production, and we’ll record in a professional studio rather than here in my apartment and home office. Last Friday, I toured a number of studios here in Los Angeles.

We’re going to do a three-camera shoot, with various angles to use for the final production. And it’s important to get good quality sound so people aren’t distracted when trying to watch. Here at home, neither are really possible – the space is a concrete rectangle, which basically acts like an echo chamber. And it’s not large enough for more than 2 cameras.

So here’s where I went on Friday – final decision coming soon:

1. Swing House, Atwater Village.

This is a really nice rehearsal space with some pretty good sound treatment too. Our sound tests gave this 4.5 out of 5 stars, but a little boomy, with a little reverb that will require some additional post-production work. It’s a nice sized space for a three camera shoot.


2. The Village, West Los Angeles
This place is legendary in the recording industry. From legends like Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, B. B. King and Bob Dylan to current artists like Coldplay, the Bodeans, and John Mayer – they have an endless list of people who’ve recorded here. The sound is movie quality, and the space is nice. Basic, mid-sized and the staff has been extremely responsive and helpful.


3. Chalice Recording Studio, Hollywood.
While not as legendary as the Village, this place has hosted a massive list of top-notch recording artists like Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, U2, Taylor Dayne, Hilary Duff, Dave Grohl, Olivia Newton John, Trent Reznor and many others. The space is gorgeous, although a little small.


4. Clear Lake Recording Studio, Burbank.
This is a nice space, good size, and they’re really very professional. It’s also the budget option. But the sound tests I recorded there had some huge echo and reverb issues, and the manager said it’s because it’s more tuned for live drums, or something like that. I’m sure we can find use for this space on a future project, but not this one, unfortunately.


5. Sea Horse Studios, Downtown LA.
This is the local favorite, since it’s actually walking distance from home for me. The sound quality seems good, but when I was there I wasn’t able to get a clean sample, since someone was mixing an album and they asked me to come back later. The people working there were very nice, extremely professional and helpful. And the space is like a bunker – an underground warehouse, actually. If I can make it back in time to test audio again, this will be in the running, for sure. Otherwise, I think it could make a great setting for something in the future.



I’m hoping to have a final decision made – after a few questions are answered – by Tue, 03-10. From there, we’ve set a shoot date for all 26 videos for Saturday, April 5. And then, I’ll scramble the next 6-10 weeks to get them all edited and ready for public consumption.

More updates as I have them.  Thanks again for all the support of this project!

Michael Boldin

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