It was standing room only at Shield’s Pizza in Troy, Michigan where an excess of 75 patriots gathered to watch a special showing of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy. Brought to you by the Tenth Amendment Center and John Birch Society, this event was held to teach activists how to properly combat federal tyranny and effectuate these ideas of resistance out into the world.

These folks had the truth delivered to them by a host of experts including historian Tom Woods, Michael Boldin and Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center, Constitutional Sheriffs’ Association founder Richard Mack, OathKeepers founder Stewart Rhodes, John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson, and many others. Everyone in attendance seemed moved by the powerful content in the documentary, especially the harrowing story of Joshua Glover and how nullification was used to help keep runaway slaves like him from being returned into bondage.

Although things may seem bleak and hopeless when you turn on the TV, there are still many people out there who are aware of what’s going on and willing to fight to preserve freedom in this great country. We can call them the remnant, or the irate, tireless minority. They exist, and they must coalesce around an idea that makes them most effective in their important mission. Backed by the words of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, nullification is the idea that must be promoted to these folks as much as possible.

At the event, I was able to give a brief speech about how the nullification movement has developed in the years since Nullification: The Rightful Remedy was produced. That movie came out when the nullification movement was nascent. We were ruffling feathers, getting biased coverage from many media sources, and making some light headway across the country. But since then, our movement has really blossomed and become a force to be reckoned with nationwide.

250 nullification-style bills have been introduced this year alone. The mainstream media that once bashed us now gives us fair coverage, for the most part. Our national campaigns, including the OffNow Project to deny the NSA the water it needs to fully function, are taking the nation by storm. The anti-commandeering doctrine, once an unknown relic in America’s forgotten past, is now being capitalized upon by hundreds of state legislators across the country. Slowly but surely, we are restoring an important check against overwrought federal power.

The folks in attendance at the event were encouraged after watching the movie and hearing me speak. The excitement in the air was palpable. I challenged each of them to get involved, and make a difference. Although there is a nice groundswell of support building for nullification, we cannot make it work unless we go out there into the world and make sure others are informed and active. Right now, there are more people disaffected with politics than ever before. The approval rating of Congress is in the tank with no sign of recovery. Self-described independents now outnumber Republicans and Democrats, according to the polls. The time has never been better for us to spread our message.

I encouraged attendees to get involved with an issue-based campaign. I urged them to join OffNow and take the message of fighting for privacy rights to independents and college students. I urged them to join Stop Obamacare, and take the message of health care freedom to traditionally republican folks to get them on board with us. I urged them to join and lobby open carry advocates and gun show attendees on behalf of stopping federal gun control. We can offer something for everybody, no matter what your specific issue, as long as you are willing to take the time to do the important work to make it happen.

It is all possible if you can shake off the apathy and get started. Together, we can be effective by working in our own communities. If we set our sights on the levels of local and state government, we can insulate ourselves from the ravages of federal tyranny. When the snowball starts to pick up momentum as it rolls down hill, it can grind the entire toxic federal agenda down to a screeching halt. That way, the market can be freed enough to find lasting solutions to the problems that plague our society.

So will you take action? The snowball is growing. If we act, we can build the momentum needed for us to achieve complete victory in this monumental struggle to keep our rights. The people are awakening, and we must be there to guide them in the right direction. We can bestow our knowledge upon them so they will no longer have their rights tread upon by crooked politicians in both political parties. So let’s do it. Join us at the Tenth Amendment Center, and help us nullify ALL the unconstitutional federal laws before time runs out.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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