Wisconsin AB537 would reform asset forfeiture laws to prohibit the state from taking property without a criminal conviction. The legislation also takes on federal forfeiture programs by banning prosecutors from circumventing state laws by passing cases off to the feds in most situations. It must pass through the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety before the bill can receive a vote and be approved.

PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS to support this important bill.

1. Call the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety Chair, Joel Kleefisch. Strongly, but respectfully urge him to move this important bill forward to a vote in his committee. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.
Kleefisch: (888) 534-0038

2. Call the rest of the committee members. Again, be strong, but respectful. Urge each of them to take action to move the bill forward and vote YES on AB537.

Jesse Kremer (R) Vice Chair (888) 534-0059
John Spiros (R) (888) 534-0086
Jim Ott (R) (888) 534-0023
Jessie Rodriguez (R) (888) 534-0021
Cody Horlacher (R) (888) 529-0033
Todd Novak (R) (888) 534-0051
Mark Born (R) (888) 534-0039
Cindi S. Duchow (R) (888) 534-0099
Evan Goyke (D) (888) 534-0018
Frederick Kessler (D) (888) 534-0012
JoCasta Zamarripa (D) (888) 534-0008
LaTonya Johnson (D) (888) 534-0017

3. Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days. Make sure to follow-up. If they say YES, be sure to thank them and, if possible, announce their committed YES vote to email and social media contacts. If they say no, politely ask them why. Get the information from them and contact us.

4. Spread the Word. Share this information widely by facebook, twitter, email and other social networks.


5. Report Back. Tell us how your actions went. Click the button below.

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