When I started this site as a blog 10 Years ago, there were many things I never thought I’d learn how to do well.

Like printing envelopes – thousands of them – on a home printer.  After a few different printers over the years, I think this one from Brother does pretty well. Although I’d prefer a 100 envelope feeder to go with it.

Another? Finding a good pen. As I’m doing today (I’m blogging this while waiting for some envelopes to print), I’ll be hand-signing a few dozen letters to let people know about our 10-Year Anniversary, and a good pen is essential. Being left-handed, this isn’t easy. Trial and error taught me that some smudge. Most actually, and the ones that don’t, are awful to write with. But this one is the best ever. Cheap, easy to hold and write with, and doesn’t smear.

Thought I’d share – I might keep doing a few posts like this over the next few days as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary.


Michael Boldin

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