These days, it seems like there’s a major email/document leak every few weeks.  DNC, NSA, and who knows what will be next…

As we should expect, the things we learn from them aren’t good. But shining a light on hidden actions of the establishment is important.

Last week at TAC, we published our own sort of “leaked documents.” They aren’t secret anymore, but they were when Thomas Jefferson, James Madison & Wilson Cary Nicholas corresponded in 10 letters about nullification in 1798-1800.

Mike Maharrey just published this new 36 page ebook, the Jefferson Papers volume 1. It’s free here:

Unchecked executive power sure isn’t new.

It’s really interesting to learn how, even as the sitting vice-president, Thomas Jefferson planned to keep his authorship of of the non-binding Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 a SECRET. It was a crime to make such criticisms of the federal government under the Alien and Sedition Acts.

But that’s not the only golden nugget in this book. We also get a pretty good insight as to Jefferson’s strategy – how to turn the principles of nullification into nullification in practice and effect.

In fact, Jefferson even put together a pretty specific four-part strategy.


Surprisingly enough, today’s NSA spying is really just a modern version of what Jefferson, Madison and Nicholas were dealing with. Here’s how Mike described a 1799 letter to James Madison:

In this letter, Jefferson reveals his distrust of the postal system and fear that confidential correspondence could be compromised and used against them. Madison and Jefferson both suspected their mail was being opened and read. This posed a very real danger since the federal government could conceivably charge them under the Sedition Act.

The link to the full ebook is at 

In other news:

(1) Mike and I are wrapping up the script writing of Nullify Season Two. I’m really excited, as we’ve got some great historical info, going all the way back to pre-revolutionary times, including Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty. We’re also going to show how to put nullification in practice on 8-10 issues right now.  (think gun control, the fed, spying, etc)

Next week, I’m doing some DIY upgrades in our home base studio so we can start filming next month, and have it ready for just after the election.

(2) If you haven’t watched Season 1, it’s available in FULL on YouTube.  Watch it here

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