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A lot of people want you to believe that the supreme Court has the final say over the Constitutionality of anything and everything.  

They couldn’t be more wrong.

TAC communications director Mike Maharrey calls this view “nonsense.”

Here’s how he put it:

The supremacy of Supreme Court opinions in questions of constitutionality has evolved into an indisputable doctrine in the United States. Virtually nobody, particularly in the legal community, question the idea that the Court serves as the final decision maker when it comes to the Constitution.

This view is nonsense.

I think his entire article on the subject is a great educational tool to share with others. You can read it and pass it around at this link:

A lot of people who don’t like the Founders’ Constitution will immediately point to Chief Justice John Marshall and his opinion in the famous 1803 case, Marbury v. Madison.  

This was sent to us by email this week, “Hey idiots, read Marbury and you’ll see that the Supreme Court has the final say on the constitution. Period.”

But, using this case and this opinion to support this view is – nothing less than absurd. In fact, I’d bet this guy never even read Marbury.

In his article, Maharrey covers an important scholarly paper that takes this myth apart. Read it, share it, and help us educate more people on the Constitution!

Here’s the link again:


With an unconstitutional government-run school system dominating education in this country for so many decades, we’ve got a really long uphill battle ahead of us. But this kind of constitutional education is something we do every day.

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Michael Boldin, TAC

Michael Boldin

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