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As part of my research – ‘know thy enemy’ – I subscribe to a lot of political newsletters from mainstream organizations. While most of them are just spreading government-supported propaganda, sometimes their patterns can be quite educational.

On Obamacare, for example, I believe there’s a concerted effort from the establishment on both the left and right to do whatever they can to keep as much federal control over healthcare as possible.

There are a few ways they seem to be trying to pull this off, primarily these two:

  1. Delays – keep the ACA implemented as long as possible. A two-year (or longer) delay just builds up even more dependence on the unconstitutional act. And, it gives them more opportunities to come up with excuses on why it needs to stay in the future.
  2. Repeal and “replace” – while replacing with reforms that withdraw and eliminate federal regulations would be good for the Constitution and liberty, replacing with other federal programs would not.

The way to give Pres. Trump the opportunity to do the right thing on Obamacare is for Congress to do the right thing and get a full repeal to his desk. Personally, I think Congress is filled with Constitutional criminals, and there’s no way we should trust them to do this.

That’s why it’s so important for the STATES to keep the pressure on. And as far as Obamacare goes, they can definitely pull the rug out from under the federal act.  As Mike Maharrey wrote it in his new article, “States can and should help end Obamacare whether Congress does their job, or not.”

He goes over the essential basics of what the states should be doing, and he even covers a really solid bill that was introduced this week to fully withdraw from all aspects of Obamacare implementation

You can read it here:

Here’s how Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed this strategy when covering an earlier effort to do so in South Carolina:

Napolitano said that if enough states follow suit, “it will gut ObamaCare because the federal government does not have the resources or the wherewithal […] to go into each of the individual states.”

Moving forward, I believe there are two options on Obamacare right now:

  1. Wait and hope for Congress to do the right thing, follow the Constitution, and get rid of Obamacare completely. (I think this is a BAD STRATEGY)
  2. Push the states to help Congress get the job done. Even an unwilling establishment that sits idly by won’t have much hope for keeping the ACA if the states reject it in large numbers.


Contact your own state rep and senator, and urge them to introduce legislation similar to HB5138 (which you can download as a pdf here).  Find your state legislator’s contact info at this link.

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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