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This week I’m wrapping up final editing on our video series, Nullify Season 2. We’ve been posting a new episode weekly on our website – plus YouTube and Facebook.  The feedback has been fantastic so far.

I’ve been exploring where to go with our next series – whether it’ll be another on nullification, or constitution 101, or something else.

This new video we posted just last week gave me an idea.  It’s a short profile of Founding Father, John Dickinson – the “Penman of the Revolution.”

Watch it here, let me know what you think:

Here’s what I’m thinking.  

Our opponents don’t want us to know history.  

That means there’s no better reason for us to teach more real history.  So a video series with profiles of around 20 leading thinkers from pre-Revolution through the early years after the Constitution could help us reach a lot of new people.

A few names that come to mind (beyond the most popular ones, of course), include Samuel Adams, Mercy Otis Warren, St. George Tucker – to name a few.

Sometime next month, I hope to have an updated road map of new video series we intend to produce, and what help we’ll need to get them done.  

Your feedback will help me make a good decision.  Do you have a favorite founding father, or early advocate for liberty?  I’d love to know…and why….

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Concordia res parvae crescunt
(small things grow great by concord)

Michael Boldin
Executive Director, TAC

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Michael Boldin

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