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Let’s face it.  In order to stand up for the Constitution – and advance liberty – we’re going to have to take on Goliath.

Some people see that as the entire bureaucracy. Others tell me it’s the IRS. While those and many other federal programs or agencies are worthy of our nullification efforts – to me, Goliath is really the Federal Reserve.

While we don’t report nearly enough on our work to support Constitutional money – I’m extremely proud to share some big news on our sound money efforts today.

First of all, in Arizona, an important bill to treat gold and silver as money (as it should be) passed its final step in the legislature today.  It’s off to the Governor!  We’re grateful to Ron Paul, who personally traveled to Phoenix this year to testify in support of the bill, HB2014.


In Texas, the House voted 143-0 to pass a bill facilitating the use and expansion of the bullion depository soon to be under development there.  Think of it like a bank for gold and silver. People will be able to have deposits and even conduct regular electronic transactions with a gold-backed debit card.


Another sound money bill was introduced last week in Kansas. And we expect a vote on another in Tennessee soon as well.


While these moves are extremely important, we’ve got a TON more to do. But we’ve learned over the last 10+ years that success leads to more success.  And it just takes a few states to step forward, and then all of a sudden, more and more want to do the same.

But we REALLY need your help to keep the momentum going.

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Concordia res parvae crescunt
(small things grow great by concord)

Michael Boldin

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