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Our topic for the day: Obamacare.

Some friends of mine on the right have been telling me how relieved they are that the House finally “repealed Obamacare.”  While friends on the left are absolutely freaking out about how “they’re getting rid of Obamacare.”

I guess if people only read mainstream media headlines (and unfortunately, many do just that) – that’s what they’d believe.

But Judge Andrew Napolitano has written an article explaining what’s really going on. He covers 4 main “legs” of Obamacare and teaches us how they all remain under the bill passed by the House.

Here’s how the Judge summed it up:

By definition, Obamacare will soon be a failure because it causes the expenditure of more money than it takes in. Eventually, it will have no cash. But Barack Obama may have subtly succeeded in changing the landscape of thinking about federal involvement in health care. For those who believe that the Constitution means what it says, it was disheartening to see President Trump and so many Republicans in Congress who once defended the free market now assume that all Americans want the feds to care for them and that somehow the Constitution permits it.

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton rarely agreed on principles of government. But they did agree that when the public treasury becomes a public trough and the people recognize that, the people will send to the federal government only those who will bring home the biggest piece of the federal pie. The House-passed bill was produced by federal government representatives who manifest that.

Read his full article, and learn about how Obamacare regulations, a massive bureaucracy, taxes, fees – all remain in one form or another. HERE:



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Michael Boldin

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