Hurricane Irma spared Alexander Hamilton’s boyhood home in Nevis.

That is good news for the people there. That storm did enough damage.

Of course, Hurricane Hamilton continues to churn in Washington D.C. on a regular basis.
It’s a category ten on a scale of five.

Unconstitutional implied powers? Check.

The reduction of the States to corporations? Check.

An out of control executive branch? Check.

And we can’t forget the trifecta of Supreme Court Justices who helped his nationalist dream along: Marshall, Story, and Black.

Even Hamilton had influence there. See John Roberts’s majority opinion in the Obamacare fiasco. He cited Hamilton’s arguments before the Court from the 1791 case Hylton v. United States in declaring Obamacare constitutional.

As I said, a ten on a five scale.

The now trendy glorification of Hamilton has to stop. My forthcoming How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America will hopefully help do that.

But I need your assistance in getting people to buy it.

Tell your friends and Hamilton lovers alike. Buy them a copy. Give it as a Christmas gift.

Or you could get in on the now rapidly shrinking window to get your Hamilton giveaways. The timer below says it all. Once the book comes out, these goodies will go away.

Why wait? The clock is ticking. Every book you pre-order will help the book get placed in more stores and on more lists at major online retailers.

We need an antidote to the Hamiltonian disease that plagues America.

Be part of the Blame Hamilton movement. Pre-order today!

Brion McClanahan
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