Can states legally – and successfully – shut off water to a federal agency, like we’ve been proposing to do with NSA spying?

For years, lawyers at organizations like Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and ACLU have told us in no uncertain terms that there’s no way they’d get on board with our effort to nullify NSA by turning off resources to the agency. They’ve told us it’s illegal. They’ve told us it’s impractical. They’ve told us it can’t be done.

But it has been done.

Instead, these groups have spent years focusing on congress and courts to stop federal spying. Today, the results are in. We’ve got a reauthorization – and expansion – of those powers going to the president’s desk for a signature.

The message is clear. Relying on federal courts and the federal congress to stop federal spying isn’t just foolish. It’s extremely dangerous.

We’ll keep pushing forward whether these groups join us or not. The path to liberty isn’t easy, but it’s clear.

Michael Boldin