Updated 03-11-19. On March 12th, a House committee is holding a hearing and vote on an important bill to help protect the 4th Amendment in Missouri. Following the steps below, 10-15 minutes of your time can do a great deal to help this bill pass!

Background: Rep. Ron Hicks (R-Dardenne Praire) filed House Bill 296 (HB296). The proposed law would ban the state – including all agencies and political subdivisions – from using manpower, money, or other resources to help implement or effectuate federal surveillance programs that violate the 4th Amendment. If you’d like to get all the details, you can read our report at this link

PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS to support this important bill today.

1. Call and email the members of the House Special Committee on Homeland Security. Be firm, but respectful and professional. Let each committee member know you support HB296 and you’d like to see them vote YES on the bill. A phone call is FAR more effective than an email. And both works best. But choose whatever option works for you and your schedule.

Bill Kidd 573-751-3674  Bill.Kidd@house.mo.gov
Brandon Ellington 573-751-3129  Brandon.Ellington@house.mo.gov
Jerome Barnes 573-751-9851  Jerome.Barnes@house.mo.gov
Mike Haffner 573-751-3783  Mike.Haffner@house.mo.gov
Jeff Pogue 573-751-2264  Jeff.Pogue@house.mo.gov
Adam Schnelting 573-751-2250  Adam.Schnelting@house.mo.gov

2. Ask your own representative to cosponsor

Find who is your state representative at this link.  Ask your rep to cosponsor and support HB296.

3. Spread the Word. Share this information widely by facebook, twitter, email and other social networks

Bonus Step. Contact the House Special Committee on Homeland Security Chair, Ron Hicks.
THANK HIM for introducing this bill. Thank him for scheduling a hearing and debate on it in his committee. Ask him to promptly schedule an “executive session” for HB296.


Michael Boldin

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