In a recent report, Mike Maharrey demonstrated the anti-gun inclination of President Donald Trump, even revealing that Trump himself has bragged about a more than 20 percent increase in federal gun control enforcement on his watch.

But what exactly has Trump put people in prison for?  From the agency itself, in 2019, Trump’s ATF prosecuted people for the following most frequent “violations”:

  1. Failure to obtain a completed ATF F 4473
  2. Failure to maintain an accurate/complete/timely Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) record
  3. Failure to complete forms as indicated in instructions
  4. Failure to record NICS contact information on ATF F 4473
  5. Failure by transfer to sign and/or date ATF F 4473
  6. Failure to verify or record purchaser’s identification document on ATF F 4473
  7. Failure to report multiple sales or other dispositions of pistols and revolvers
  8. Failure to properly record firearms information on ATF F 4473
  9. Failure to complete a NICS/POC background check
  10. Failure to maintain an accurate/complete/timely manufacture or acquisition record

What all of these so-called violations have in common is that there was absolutely no victim.

The NRA-endorsed President Donald Trump, in other words, has put more non-violent people in prison for gun charges than the anti-gun Barack Obama.

Trump’s ATF has put thousands of people behind bars due to paperwork errors. Many of these errors, mind you, are so simple that a person could have made it on accident. 

The most common violations are in regard to ATF F 4473, a form you fill out when you buy a gun. This form asks you if you’re a felon and if you’re mentally fit and all the other things the government wants to know before it allows you to own a gun.

A simple mistake you may not know you are making could send both you and the person selling you a firearm to a federal penitentiary. This is evil and indefensible, especially when it is happening under a president who claims to support the Second Amendment. 

Under Trump, nevertheless,  people are in federal prison with terrorists because they made a mistake when they sold or purchased a gun. This is not a “Second Amendment President.”

A Second Amendment president would disband the unconstitutional ATF and refuse to enforce any federal gun laws. A Second Amendment President would brag about his total gun law prosecution numbers being ZERO and nothing more. 

All gun laws are infringements on our Second Amendment, but Trump is enforcing perhaps the most malicious elements of federal gun control.

Why would Trump and his ATF be so inclined to enforce all of these paperwork laws? Why would Trump care so much about gun dealers keeping a detailed record of who has purchased what firearm? 

What Trump is doing is enforcing a de facto gun registry within America. History shows us that gun registration is an essential step to gun confiscation. Once the government knows who has what guns, then it’s only a matter of time until a tyrant decides to take your guns.

The federal government isn’t coming to save you, quite the opposite. The federal government is coming to infringe upon your rights. If a Republican President and a Republican Senate will not stop the ATF from infringing on the Second Amendment, then we must stop the tyranny at the local level.

Nullification of NICS is a step states that have passed Constitutional Carry should consider. NICS, as it currently exists, creates a permanent database of who has purchased a firearm. It goes even further into detail outlining what firearm they purchased, how many firearms they have purchased, and when they purchased said firearms. This is dangerous information for the federal government to possess.

It is unfortunate that Trump and the establishment gun lobby claims to love gun rights while thousands of people have been caged for violating unconstitutional gun laws under this current administration. It seems that guns truly has become nothing more than a fundraising tactic for the establishment. 

Don’t fall for it. 

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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