April Budget Surplus Obscures Federal Spending Problem

April Budget Surplus Obscures Federal Spending Problem

With a surge in April tax receipts, the federal government ran a record budget surplus last month. This seems like good news. And the mainstream spun it as such. But record government revenue is papering over a spending problem that isn’t going away. The surplus in...

Republicans Are Big Spenders Too

Republicans have been griping about Democrats borrowing and spending too much money. Many of these same Republicans just signed onto the biggest military spending bill in U.S. history. Just goes to show both parties are more than happy to spend money the government...

This Is Not Sustainable

Federal government spending is up 4 percent through the first two months of fiscal 2022. And the spending is not going to slow down any time soon. This is not sustainable. If people had to write a check to actually PAY the financial costs of war, a lot more people...

Republican Balanced Budget Hypocrisy

Of course, a debt ceiling increase was inevitable. It’s almost as if the Republicans want to keep borrowing and spending. Republicans want you to believe they care about a balanced budget, but they really just want to spend a lot of money like their fellow...

The Federal Government Has a Big Problem

The federal government has a big problem…A spending problem. Even though the budget deficit in fiscal 2021 was down slightly from the record set in 2020, spending was actually up year-over-year. Record deficits are not a good thing – these people are...

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