So Stimulating!

So Stimulating!

Last week, President Biden signed coronavirus stimulus bill 3.0. For those keeping score at home, that brings total stimulus spending approved during the pandemic to $5 trillion. The House passed the so-called American Rescue Plan pretty much along party lines. In...

Debt Is Not a “Public Blessing”

It seems the modern strategy for dealing with the national debt is to just ignore it and spend more. Perhaps we need a different strategy. Thomas Jefferson had one – cut the size of government and pay off the debt. Jefferson understood something most politicians...

When Exactly Is It Time to Worry?

The fiscal 2021 budget deficit is already over $1 trillion. But we’re told now is not the time to worry about budget shortfalls and the growing national debt. My question is when exactly do we worry? supporters of the monster State always tell us that "now...

You Are Gonna Pay for This!

Congress just passed another $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. The crazy thing is people act like all of this government spending is free. It isn’t. You are going to pay for this. Printing money out of thin air – that's how they'll get that $1400 to you...
A Legacy of Debt

A Legacy of Debt

On March 1, the national debt surged above $28 trillion for the first time.When Donald Trump took office, the national debt was just under $20 trillion. $8 trillion in debt is Trump’s legacy. And Joe Biden’s time is coming. $28 Trillion #NationalDebt and...

Getting Mad for the Wrong Reason

Congress finally got around to passing another coronavirus stimulus bill. A lot of people are mad. But they’re mad for the wrong reason. Here's a dirty little secret: The feds are broke – all their spending is on borrowed money, and you'll have to...

Concordia res parvae crescunt

Small things grow great by concord...

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