Royal Proclamations and Executive Orders

Our Founding Fathers went to war to stop the tyrant King George III. The King had issued a series of Royal Decrees or Proclamations without receiving the consent of the people. The Colonists knew that the King was violating their rights and that the King was going to continue to do so as long as they remained silent.

After petitioning the King for many years for a redress of their grievances, the people finally decided to take action.

When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, it was their intent to prevent the president from abusing their rights like the King had done. They prohibited him from creating his own laws by granting to Congress ALL legislative powers. Congress has allowed the presidents to circumvent the Constitution by allowing him to make his own laws without the consent of people.


Medical marijuana for the Bluegrass State?

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Just over a year ago, a legend in Kentucky politics passed away.

Lexington lawyer Gatewood Galbraith was a gatewoodportraitperennial gubernatorial candidate, running for the highest office in the Commonwealth five times. He also took a shot at Congress twice and made an unsuccessful bid for state Agricultural Commissioner. The lack of election success never seemed to faze the unflappable Galbraith. He often quipped, “If I was going to lie to you, I’d already be elected.”

Galbraith stood out for many reasons, but his advocation for marijuana legalization set him apart in Kentucky politics. He pushed for pot long before it was politically acceptable. As far back as 1990, Galbraith made no apologies for his support of legal weed.

“People say, ‘How can you be a practicing attorney and smoke marijuana?’ My response to that is: ‘Hey, if slavery were still legal, I’d be heading the underground railroad. If the Vietnam War were still going on, I’d be out in the streets demonstrating. If segregation were still intact, I’d be sitting at a lunch counter somewhere.”

During the 2013 legislative session, Kentucky lawmakers will consider a bill bearing Galbraith’s name that would legalize medical marijuana in the Bluegrass State

Sen. Perry Clark (D-Louisville) prefiled BR55 back in August. The Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial Act would “Create various new sections of KRS Chapter 218A to establish a comprehensive system for medical marijuana in Kentucky, including provisions for medical verification of need, persons allowed to cultivate, use, and possess the drug, organizations allowed to assist in providing the drug, regulation by the state Department for Public Health, the interaction with state and local governments, including law enforcement.”


Will Indiana Nullify Drones?

We are living in a world where our phone calls, our text messages, our emails, and our internet sites are being recorded and stored by the federal government. The surveillance state is growing. The next step in the destruction of 4th Amendment continues with the invasion of drones in US airspace. Drones are currently being used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Somalia to combat terrorist. CNN and RT have reported that the success rate for targeted strikes against high level targets is 2%. If life is regarded with no value and death is regarded so frivolous that it can be played like a video game, how will our government treat our privacy?

We are searched without warrants or probably cause. The burden of proof to determine innocence is placed on ourselves. There is no liberty living in a world that assumes you are already guilty. Our only answer is to nullify. And Indiana now has a great opportunity to do so.

SB0020 has been introduced by Senator Tomes. If passed, this bill will amend the Indiana Code concerning criminal law and procedure by nullifying the use of drones. SB0020 summary of the law reads as:

“Use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Provides that a person who knowingly or intentionally uses an unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor a person, property, or thing without the written consent of the subject of the monitoring commits a Class D felony. Provides that images or communications obtained through the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle are not admissible as evidence. Provides that a person who possesses an image or communications obtained through the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle commits a Class A misdemeanor. Prohibits the use of public money to purchase an unmanned aerial vehicle.”

This law prohibits law enforcement personel from being exempt as a person controlling or owning a UAV. Additionally, it criminalizes the collection of intercepted communications, like “wire, electronic, or oral communications; or the capture, collection, monitoring, or viewing of images.”


Boehner Admits Mistake: Sometimes the Constitutional Course is the Wisest Politically

In a December post, I pointed out that House Speaker John Boehner should not be conceding the initiative on revenue measures to the Senate and President. Doing so not only made no political sense, but it was contrary to the Constitution’s mandate that revenue bills originate in the House. Mr. Boehner now agrees that he erred.…


Love/Hate between Republicans and Obamacare

If Republicans in Congress truly opposed socialized healthcare in general… Obamacare specifically, it would not be taking effect.  All spending bills must be approved by the House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) at the Federal level!  

This could have been done in 2011, when the new “Tea Party” Congress took over… It wasn’t.  It could have been done at any time during the campaign to get the Republicrat Romney elected (although this would remove the only reason a Conservative  might have voted for that particular pro-socialized healthcare, pro-gun-control, pro-Federal Reserve, pro-TARP, pro-bailout, big government RINO).  So now that their trap has failed to spring, and their candidate lost, how about feed simply feed us the cheese… and KILL OBAMACARE NOW!

I am under no illusions that the representatives in Congress will take any such actions.  I know that their agenda no longer has them taking any chances in the pursuit of liberty.  Sadly, given the choice between liberty and job security, Republicans who have resided in DC for 2+ years will choose job security every time.  How about limiting spending?  All spending bills have to go through the House of Representatives (again, entirely controlled by the Republican party).  We were promised that if we sent them to Congress in 2010, they would bring the spending under control. 

So when they raised the debt ceiling (also entirely under their control), what was the ‘carrot’ to their constituents?  They would create the “super” committee to ensure spending cuts , with automatic spending cuts if it failed (to show how serious they were…) and how is that working out for us?  Listen to the wailing about the “fiscal cliff” (of which the promised “sequestration” is a component).