Anti-NSA spying bills pass first vote in two states

Today, an Oklahoma state house committee voted 9-3 to pass a bill designed to thwart warrantless surveillance programs from the National Security Agency (NSA), while a New Hampshire house committee voted 12-1 to approve a bill blocking some practical effects of federal spying programs


Hawaii Legislature Introduces Two Bills to Nullify Federal Marijuana Prohibition

Duplicate bills to nullify the federal prohibition on marijuana were introduced in the Hawaii legislature earlier this month.

The legislation would “decriminalize and regulate small amounts of marijuana for personal use; establish a licensing scheme for the cultivation, sale, and use of small amounts of marijuana for personal use; tax marijuana sales in the same manner as state excise taxes; and subject income derived from marijuana sales to income taxes.”


Oregon Bill Would Stop the Use Of Electronic Data collected without a warrant

The proposed legislation would not only protect Oregonians’ data from collection by overzealous state and local law enforcement agencies, it would also bar the use of information unconstitutionally gathered by federal agencies like the NSA and shared with state and local agencies.