Turning Medicaid Against the Feds: Withdraw!

As if we needed another example of how poorly conceived the federal health care “reform” plans are, there’s some very interesting food for thought from two senior fellows at the Heritage Foundation. According to them, if the health care legislation passes Congress in anything like its current form, states would be better off ending the…


Ignorance From the Left: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you ever wondered what the other side is saying about you, observe this post from The Elliptical Press. According to the author, states’ rights is: “[R]eally an ideology of convenience; most of these so-called libertarians were not in favor of states’ rights trumping federal law when Bush was President. Rather, its a situation of…


States’ Rights Republicans?

It looks like some members of the Republican establishment are starting to fear primary challenges by the Tea Party folks. The Wall Street Journal reports that Colorado Republicans have adopted a “Platform for Prosperity,” intended to placate populist outrage, and are strongly encouraging all candidates for state office in 2010 to get on board. The…


Welcome to the (10th Amendment) Revolution

To support upcoming state legislation designed to nullify federal health care mandates, the Virginia Campaign for Liberty has created a website dedicated to the fight for Virginians’ Tenth Amendment rights. VA10thAmendment.org is a great place for Virginia voters and activists to keep up with the latest on initiatives and events surrounding what has been dubbed…


Glenn Beck Misses the Point (Again)

After weeks of teasing his audience with cryptic allusions to “The Plan,” on Saturday, Glenn Beck revealed key aspects of a new strategy he believes will help to restore constitutional sanity to American government. It won’t. Given a perfect opportunity to embrace the concept of Jeffersonian federalism and state sovereignty as a check against the…


Health Care Freedom in Virginia

The Campaign for Liberty has stepped to the plate big time in Virginia, getting out ahead of the feds and finding a sponsor for the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, to be introduced in 2010.

The Act reads, in part:

Neither the Governor nor the Department of Health, the Department of Public Welfare or any other Commonwealth agency shall participate in the compliance with any Federal law, regulation or policy that would compromise the freedom of choice in health care of any resident of this Commonwealth.

Man, just copying and pasting that feels great.


Pelosi Dispels Tenth Amendment “Myths”


This email from Nancy Pelosi to her supporters is the definition of Congressional doublespeak, rife with misleading statements like:

“Rather than creating a ‘government takeover of health care,’…America’s Affordable Health Choices Act…will expand enrollment in private insurance by an estimated 6 million Americans.”

Um, Nancy, mandating that all Americans buy a certain kind of insurance from certain government-approved providers is a “government takeover of health care.” It doesn’t matter if you then call those companies “private.”

That’s like saying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are actually private entities because they are owned by individual shareholders.

Does she really think we are this stupid?


Constitutional Contempt

Listening to the Glenn Beck show last week, I was struck by an exchange between Glenn and one of his co-hosts. They were discussing the Monica Lewinsky debacle of the late nineties and paraphrased the national dialog at the time as something like this:

Republicans: President Clinton had an affair in the Oval Office.

Democrats: No, he didn’t.

Republicans: Yes, he did.

Democrats: No, he didn’t.

Republicans: Yes, he did. He just admitted it on national television.

Democrats: It doesn’t matter.

I’ve noticed the same thing happening today in the health care debate with regard to the Constitution.


Exciting Things Are Happening In Virginia

Last night I spoke at a gathering of activists hosted by FreedomWorks in Richmond, VA. The crowd was impressive, more than 130 people on a Thursday night were packed into the basement of a bar in Shockoe Bottom. They weren’t there to see me of course, former House majority leader, Dick Armey, was the headliner.…