work-in-progressEven before recent health care nullification efforts, writers at the Tenth Amendment Center were calling for a federalism-driven debate on standard liberal issues like gay marriage, REAL ID, and medical marijuana. Finally, it seems, someone on the Left has recognized the wisdom of that strategy.

I almost fell out of my chair this morning upon reading a post on the popular progressive blog FireDogLake:

…progressives need to support the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act.

Protecting Americans from corporatist greed and influence should be at the heart of what we are about.

And– it helped get Obama elected– no mandates. period. And no nut job at Aetna or in the government should keep you from spending your own money on legal health care.

Supporters have been accused of “nullification” — a not subtle claim that somehow if these efforts succeed, and are contrary to federal health care law (in both House and Senate versions), supporters seek a pre-civil war mentality.

And, of course, there is federal supremacy– so the efforts are futile.

But, what of DOMA? Aren’t Progressives in favor of same sex marriage via state efforts the same? Umm, yes.

But what of federal drug laws? Aren’t Progressives in favor of liberal medical marijuana state laws the same? Umm, yes.

But what of the right to die laws like in Oregon? The SCOTUS has actually decided IN FAVOR of Oregon in this state’s rights case… even though there are federal laws against it.

Progressives must be consistent intellectually— especially when conservatives are not. [emphasis added]

Support the Health Care Freedom Act in Arizona and around the country.

It is hard to overstate the significance of this point. If the Left as well as the Right can start to see that decentralization of power through federalism is the answer to intractable partisan gridlock and divisive culture wars, the tenthers can join forces with those on both sides who only desire more freedom and prosperity.

And then Washington’s corrupt, corporatist, top-down power structure will really be in trouble.