The Spineless Supreme Court

Tenthers are constantly reminded by worshipers of the Judicial Supremacists on the highest Court that we’re re-arguing areas that were settled long ago by those black-robed deities. Yet Tenthers reject the notion that the federal Court can rewrite the Constitution for the entire nation if 5 politically connected lawyers agree. Besides the fact that this…


Anti-Constitution Libertarians

This is just the opening salvo in what I hope to be a friendly and cordial debate among liberty enthusiasts regarding what role “constitutionalism” has to play in the future of the movement to fight statism and restore the protection of individual rights.

A recurring theme I’ve encountered is the schism between pro-Constitution libertarians and those libertarians who view the Constitution as a big-government parchment which paved the way for the federal leviathan that torments us today. A fact in the favor of the latter position is the enormous federal monstrosity which tramples individual rights on a daily basis.

Strategically, I always argue that the Constitution is the key to bringing together libertarians, traditional conservatives and anti-Globalists to fight our common enemy, statism. And to throw the Constitution to the curb is to ignore the lessons of the Ron Paul Revolution. [More on that in future posts.]