Tenther Radio Episode #68: NDAA Nullification, Marijuana Nullification, and BONUS post-show action!

Add to iTunes Episode 68 of Tenther Radio is hosted this week by Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann – along with the return of John Bush. They report on some of the latest Tenther News – A nullification initiative in Washington State has a HUGE lead in the polls – 57-33. A recent study shows that…


The Growing Surveillance State

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Tenther Radio!  Episode #67 comes firing out of the gate like a Nolan Ryan fastball.  Skipper Michael Boldin is joined by All-Star MVP Lesley Swann.

Over on First Base, Michael and Lesley discuss the latest news while Michael was throwing weed (seeds?) around the baseball diamond.   New items discussed were: Polls showing Colorado public is supporting Marijuana Legalization, Michigan standing up against the NDAA, Raw Milk Farmer acquitted through jury nullification.

Lesley finished the segment by saying, “This is a huge country.  One of the reasons why America worked for a long time because it was so decentralized…Large geographically countries that have central planning government don’t work because it is physically impossible.”

Stand by over on second base, Joe Wolverton was the show’s guest.  He shared with us his latest insights of two recent articles he wrote.  Michael  asked Joe to explain what Tapwire is, and he answered, “…this company created a software called Trapwire.  This software enables the end user whoever that happens to be to obtain from traffic cameras and stop light cameras and persons using those video feeds to monitor.”

When asked about how far the government has gone to be able to track us, Joe responded, “I literally could spend every day chronicling the ways that the federal government now has under surveillance.  Trapwire, DHS, TSA all having the capability to remotely activate apps on your smart phone that will turn your smart phone into a roving microphone.  The invisible laser that can make a genetic map of your code.”


Court Battle over NDAA Detentions Continues

Add to iTunes On this 65th episode of TRX, hosts Michael Boldin and John Lambert confront the Federal government’s worst crimes against the US Constitution yet. The horrendous news of Congress extending the FISA wiretapping law and the President ordering a new cyber-security commission can hardly be escaped even by watching TV as now campaign…


A Discussion on Health Care Compacts

Add to iTunes Grassroots groups around the country are pushing for something known as the Health Care Compact. According to TN-TAC, “Many paid and unpaid operatives, as well as legislators in states around the country are on board.” A national group called “Tea Party Patriots” is leading the charge. So what is the compact and…


TAC Homecoming

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Welcome to another exciting Tenther Radio Show: Voyage Number 63!  Michael Boldin again commands the USS Tenther Radio along his First Officer, Nick Hankoff!

First, Michael and Nick sets a course through the treacherous waters known as  the Sea of News.  The first mate informed us about Allegan County, MI rejecting the NDAA.  Then the ship’s crew discussed Paul Ryan reference during his speech at the RNC about the Janesville Plant and how Ryan voted for the auto bailout supporting Obama.

Michael quoted from Tad DeHaven’s article, “If you replace “Solyndra” with “General Motors” the story is essentially the same: “a case of political patronage, corporate welfare, and cronyism.” The only real difference that I can see is that Solyndra didn’t have a plant in Ryan’s backyard.”

Then Nick brought up an article by Salon on Libertarian Candidate for President Gary Johnson in which Johnson stated that GOP immigration plank “Borders on Racist.”  Nick felt that Johnson may have a point.  Michael stated, “If the Federal Government wasn’t doing all the welfare handouts, this isn’t even an issue.  The problem isn’t the immigration, it is too much government.”

Tonight’s guest is the Ship’s Engineer himself, Commander John Michaels.  Who temporary has been serving on the USS BoDeans Tour Bus as he shares some of his tall tales with us.  When Michaels was asked about comparing working on the BoDean’s tour compared to working on the Nullify Now tour, Michaels was speechless as a response.

However after the break, John Micheals made some suggestions for future segments for the USS Tenther Radio.  One suggestion, “You Make the Call” where listeners give a two minute rant on specific topics.  The best one will get a prize of some type.


Next Stop for the Revolution?

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Our heroes, Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann return to bring another thrilling and exciting episode of Tenther Radio number 62!

During the news segment, Tenther Dude (Michael Boldin) brought up an article written by David Welsh about  Arkansas placing medical marijuana on the November ballot.  Arkansas?  Yes, Arkansas!  Sign of the Apocalypse?

Followed up by Tenther Goddess (Lesley Swann) informing us about Thorium.  An Ohio group is considering a Tenth Amendment means in hopes in developing this new possible way of providing SAFE nuclear energy without having to deal with Unconstitutional Federal energy regulations.

Our heroes finished off the news segment by discussing Joe Wolverton’s new article about the Feds using elementary schools to train future Federal Agents.  Scary Thought!  As Tenther Goddess said, “This is one or two steps shy of ‘A Brave New World'”


Food Freedom through Resistance

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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann charge into action with Tenther Radio Episode 61!

During the news segment, Lesley brought to our attention a column posted in a Tennessee newspaper written by Ina Hughs claiming our rights don’t come from God but from the state.

Next, our heroes discussed the weed issue in Colorado.  Michael illustrated this point by saying, “Medical Marijuana on the state level is probably the greatest example today in modern times of the Tenth Amendment in action where people in their own states are making decisions on what they want to do even though Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch all say they are not allowed to do it.”


Red Team vs Blue Team Nonsense

Add to iTunes Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann lead the charge on this Episode 60 of Tenther Radio. In the news, Buffalo, New York is aiming at becoming the first drone-free city. Lobbyists are pushing for expansion of this robotic surveillance, but Lesley echoes sentiments of the citizen lobbyists saying, “Nullify the drones. Please!” Kentucky…