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From Tenther Radio, Episode 115

Can you imagine a reporter doing a story on professional basketball in the United States and not contacting, or even referencing, the NBA?

How about a story on space flight without any attempt to talk to the folks over at NASA?

Or an article about online auctions that fails to reference eBay?

You wouldn’t have a whole lot of faith in the credibility of the report, would you?

Well, this happens all the time when it comes to nullification. It seems like at least once a week, we run across a story on the subject that doesn’t even reference the Tenth Amendment Center. Fox News was the latest mainstream media organization to spit out an article about nullification full of misinformation and assumptions that we could have easily cleared up. And we know they never tried to contact us about the story, because, well…we’re right here! Easy to find! Just tap a few keystrokes into the little Google search box and there we are! The phone never rang, and an email from the folks at Fox was absent from our mailbox.

I don’t mean to sound like sour grapes, but the Tenth Amendment Center has led the nullification effort for the last seven-plus years. We’ve written model legislation, worked closely with state lawmakers across the United States to get nullification bills passed, and we’ve written hundreds, if not thousands, of article on the subject.

We know nullification like the NBA knows pro basketball, so it might be a good idea if some of these reporters and pundits started talking to us. They might learn something!

This wouldn’t matter so much if it weren’t for the fact that these guys ignore us and get things totally wrong. For instance, Fox News completely misrepresented the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act. They focused exclusively on the criminal penalties and the , completely ignoring the real meat – state noncompliance with any federal firearms regulation violating the Second Amendment. The Fox News audience would probably be pretty interested and supportive of that part of the bill. But this major news organization completely missed the boat.

Of course, it’s not just Fox News. We’ve seen similar reports from the AP and the New York Times. The Daily Telegraph did the same. Even in the UK, the media seems to be filled with idiots. And then there are the reporters who talk to us and ignore everything we say. More than once, we’ve refuted an argument during an interview, only to see that argument go unchallenged in the story.

These people are a joke!

Sadly, this is the rule, not the exception.

Here’s the bottom line. We have to start challenging the so-called journalists. Not for the sake of the Tenth Amendment Center, but to advance the cause of nullification. We can’t afford to let these people control the language and define the terms.

We’ve worked really hard to position ourselves as experts on the subject. We’ve earned our credentials.

We know nullification like the NBA knows basketball.

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