Feds Suing to Access Utah Prescription Database; State Should Refuse to Comply

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency wants to access a Utah database of confidential prescription records. But the feds have a problem. The state requires a warrant before law enforcement agencies can access the Utah Controlled Substance Database. The DEA doesn’t have one. Not to be deterred, the drug police have sued the state in federal court to gain access to the records.

No matter what the courts say, Utah should simply refuse to comply.


How Relevant is the Constitution in State, County, and City Elections?

With elections signs all around it might be well to be reminded that it is unrealistic to expect national candidates to follow the Constitution when we did not insist that they did so in state, county and city offices.  After all, many simply move up to higher office.  Some may even view the Constitution as…


What I Should Have Said During the Radio Interview: Don’t Check that Box!

Over the weekend, I was on Gun Freedom Radio and had one of those annoying experiences that come up from time to time in live interviews. I realized how I should have answered a question about two minutes after the show was over. I’m sharing it here because it’s an important lesson in personal nullification.