Plan For Freedom

In a recent article, radio talk-show host, columnist for the Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute, Jeffrey Kuhner, asks the question, “Will America break up?”[1] Kuhner is not the only intelligent and reasonable person asking this question and predicting its reality. Igor Panarin, a professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian…


Shooting for Self-Defense?

First, a couple of news items that are actually something to cheer about concerning our rights to defend our liberties: Arizona is allowing concealed carry without a permit, and the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that the University of Colorado has no authority to bar students or visitors from lawfully carrying guns on campus. This…


Liberty Is On The March. Is Florida Out of Step?

Excerpt From John Tate’s Campaign for Liberty Newletter “Congressman Ron Paul’s incredible straw poll victory at CPAC (with, I’ve been told, the most support of any straw poll victor in the Conference’s history) sent a clear message to the establishment that not only are we more energized and passionate than ever, but we are organized…


Tenther Homework

Professor Krey has an assignment for you tenthers out there. Please check out this video from the Federalist Society regarding “trying suspected terrorists in federal court” and summarize their arguments for me. The Federalist Society, much like the rest of the Beltway Right, is far too cozy with unconstitutional, warmongering neocons for me to ever…


States Rights, Yes, But That’s Not All

As Jefferson said, the American principle supports the states as versus the central government, the counties as versus the states, the towns as versus the counties, the wards as versus the towns, and the individual as versus all. Radical decentralism is the libertarian principle.

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Lady Liberty, Defiled by Uncle Sam

In the two score and seven years following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the U.S. federal government rapidly transmogrified into a national wrecking crew, bankrupting and otherwise devouring the Republic and its founding principles of personal liberty and protection from government intrusiveness. If Uncle Sam were ever a lean, fair-minded, slow-to-anger yeoman, see…


Protecting Rights: D.C. is the Worst Choice for the Job

Yesterday, in response to the Kansas Senate passing SCR1615 (Sovereignty Resolution) a Kansas reporter asked me the following question: the kansas senate has adopted a resolution affirming the state’s 10th amendment rights. the amendment supports the repeal of all federal laws that compel the state to do something. some legislators here say that means the…


A “New” Declaration of Independence

This last Saturday, January 30, 2010, following a Saturday where our phone lines melted down when we asked a simple question; what Right’s have been taken from you or encroached upon by the Federal Government?  While we weren’t surprised by the volume of calls, we were surprised about the specificity of the calls…people were VERY aware that…