Book Review: “The Liberty Essays: Restoring a Lost American Principle”

The Liberty Essays: Restoring a Lost American Principle by Pat McGeehan and Ashely Stinnett is a comprehensive reintroduction of traditional American cultural values and a call for reform among the American faithful. The book covers a variety of topics, but what sets it apart is its direct appeal to American Christians.


Book Review: A Patriot’s Call to Action

In the fight against federal tyranny there has been a tendency for people, even those with good intentions, to downplay the severity of our situation or keep possible solutions confined to the realm of “respectability.”

That is not the case with New York native Jim Delaney, who writes at In his book A Patriot’s Call to Action: Resisting Progressive Tyranny and Restoring Constitutional Order, he eviscerates modern American shibboleths that ultimately hamper our efforts to restrain the federal government.


Thomas Jefferson on Finding the Meaning of the Constitution

Today, you have all kinds of original sources just a mouse-click away. You can read the ratification debates. You have the Federalist Papers in support of the Constitution. You have essays written by opponents. With just a little effort, you can get a very clear understanding of the Constitution – right from the source.