Critics who mock us as “tenthers” because we share views identical with Thomas Jefferson repeatedly make a fatal error. They believe that we are the same as the beltway, neoconservative, GOP-loyal rightwing.

For instance, check out Alan Colmes attempt at “tenther-bashing.” His big finisher? Under our analysis, George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind is unconstitutional. Well, duh. Of course it is!

America’s most prominent constitutionalist, Ron Paul, has been critical of the federal government’s involvement in education for decades. There are serious differences between mainstream conservatives and constitutionalists on some of the most important issues of the day – namely war and the powers of the President.

Many mainstream conservatives believe in an imperial presidency embued with king-like powers which would make even the Hamiltonian monarchists of the Founding blush. They also consistently advocate for an agressive foreign policy of Empire-building completely contradictory to the vision of our Founders.

Perhaps if liberals like Alan Colmes understood this, they might take a second look at what it is “tenthers,” or more accurately “constitutionalists,” are actually saying.

Craig Grant
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The 10th Amendment

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