Our Federal representatives are more intent on getting reelected than actually protecting our freedoms and liberties.  They don’t listen to constituents, but are hell-bent on either placating us with bribes or instilling fear in us if their legislation doesn’t pass.  All of this is in conjunction with a voracious usurpation of authority and accelerated centralization of power. 

Much of this is our fault as we have been one issue voters and beholden to our beloved parties for so long.  If we’re honest, we’ve left it to the politicians and think tanks to come up with the solutions to our ills; most of which include an ever- swelling federal bureaucracy.

This brings us to a defining moment: Do we stay predictable and keep fighting the battle on their terms or do we choose a battlefield that is more favorable to us? At our core, we know the latter is the only viable option. Our understandable hesitation rests on being brought up to believe that communicating our position to our representatives is patriotic and doing so is an essential part of our democratic process. While this is accurate if our elected officials adhere to our Constitution, it is entirely irrelevant and ineffective in our current political landscape at the federal level.

So the question begs, “how do we adapt?”

We must identify the problem (done) and consciously choose to take a new approach that offers not only true hope, but successful historical precedence.  Enter Step 1 – “The Paradigm Shift.”

Part 1 – Notifying our Federal Representatives that:

  • they no longer represent us
  • they will not hear from us again until we deliver our ultimatum in early 2010 (i.e. Step 2 – “The Gamechanger…more on this below)

Part 2 – Spend our time and resources focusing on things better within our control (i.e. state governments), such as:

  • State representatives
  • 10th Amendment and Nullification legislation
  • Finding and supporting citizen statesmen

As for the next step, “The Gamechanger” will be announced and implemented in early 2010. It’s a three point plan focused Federal candidates and incumbents, State candidates and incumbents, and us the citizenry.  This accountability tool will enable us to not only guarantee our adherence to the founder’s system of governance, but to find truly principled citizen statesmen to support.

Until we shed the skin of predictability and focus on the only entity that will successfully limit the overreach of the federal government, we will continue to lose our freedoms and liberties at breakneck speed. Become part of the growing liberty movement that is breaking the cycle of predictability and join us in executing the “The Paradigm Shift.”

Joshua Lyons
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The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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