Jim Babka, president of DownsizeDC, and featured speaker at NullifyNow Orlando, will be appearing on Fox Business tonight. The topic? Nullification and the Nullify Now tour!

From the Downsize DC dispatch:

This issue and interview provide us with the first opportunity to announce that Jim Babka will be participating in at least one stop, and hopefully more of a national conference tour, sponsored by our friends at the Tenth Amendment Center.

DownsizeDC.org is a national sponsor of this tour, called NullifyNow.com.

These day-long events feature speakers like Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, and more. This four city tour starts in Fort Worth, Texas in September, then to Orlando, Florida and Chattanooga, Tennessee in October, and finishes in Phoenix, Arizona, in January.

But for tonight, here are the program details…

SHOW: America’s Nightly Scoreboard
HOST: David Asman
NETWORK: Fox _Business_ Channel
TIME: Sometime during the…
7:00 PM hour Eastern
6:00 PM hour Central
5:00 PM hour Mountain
4:00 PM hour Pacific

We hope you can tune in.

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