This weekend I had another chance to appear on Freedom Watch on the FOX Business Network (which you may get without realizing it, so check) for a brief segment on nullification.  I appeared immediately after Karl Rove [!], who said state resistance to the federal government was fine by him as long as it was done in a way that “honors our system” — i.e., involves nothing more than “lawsuits” against the federal government, and ignores everything Jefferson ever said about the states and the federal courts.  (The program is repeated tonight at 8pm ET and tomorrow at 7pm and 11pm.)  Last time I was on, it was Geraldo Rivera who was asked for his opinion on nullification.  Judge Napolitano refuses to play by the rules, which is why his star remains very much on the rise.

Next weekend I’ll talk about these issues at a conference banquet outside Philadelphia (August 13; you can register for just one day of the event if you prefer), and at another conference banquet in Orlando (August 14); the latter talk will be taped for future airing by C-SPAN.  On August 28 I’ll be having a full-day event in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Don’t write off all the Tea Party folks, by the way: local Tea Parties and even 912 Project chapters are sponsoring various stops on the Nullify Now! tour, even though such a thing is not exactly front and center on the agenda of the establishment handlers who are trying to keep these groups tame and pointless.

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