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New model legislation from Tenth Amendment Center breaks today as part of the uproar over the National Defense Authorization Act. It’s called the Liberty Preservation Act and it actually comes in 3 bills. One part is a non-binding resolution, the second part a non-compliance act, and finally the state nullification. “With this you can act to resist them right now instead of asking those in Congress to repeal what they already passed,” says Michael Boldin.

This week’s co-host Jason Rink observed that the Supreme Court of the United States didn’t rule any law unconstitutional from 1935 to 1997. (or was it 1937-1995?)

Already in Virginia, Delegate Bob Marshall has introduced HB-1660 to nullify the federal authorization of kidnapping indefinitely. previous put resolutions together to oppose the PATRIOT ACT and we hope they’ll get on board with the NDAA.

Doug Tjaden of Sound Money Center reports that Washington, South Carolina and Missouri are all looking at gold, silver and other commodities as legal tender. And Utah, which passed HB-317 last year is now considering amendments to broaden the scope of the bill by adding specie and defining new depository regulations.

“A very dangerous man,” “an intellectual giant and leader of the nullification movement” Tom Woods joins the show to talk about his celebrated speech in Iowa. Tom quipped “We are the 3%” when referring to the section of Tenther Radio’s audience that recognized his intro music, Perpetual Change by Yes.

He wasn’t quipping in Iowa, however, where all legislators received informational packets on nullification. The subject of Nullify Now! Philadelphia came up and the New York Times best-selling author confirmed his RSVP to be there as keynote speaker for the event.

Outside of politics, economics and historical research Tom still finds ways to disobey conventional wisdom. “If you want to be obese and unhealthy then follow the government food pyramid,” he recommends. You can learn all about the centralized state’s harms and their rightful remedy, nullification, by subscribing to YouTube channel TomWoodsTV.

“Whatever the New York Times tells me NOT to do…I wanna do it!”

“If the New York Times hates Nullification – it MUST be good!”

This week Rand Paul was detained by the Transportation Security Administration because he declined their grope down invitation. Jason Rink wondered if “maybe there is a genetic disposition for the Paul family for extra large cojones.” Word is that 10 to 15 states will be pushing back on the TSA says Michael Boldin. “The TSA is so personal,” Rink foresees it becoming a “powder keg issue.”

California’s would-be voter initiative Regulate Marijuana Like Wine would interpose and the popularity for pot legalization has gone up 5 points showing that 2012 could be the year when this unconstitutional prohibition has to answer to the Tenth Amendment.

Jason Rink closed the show – filling in for Michael with a Tenther Rant – about the Principles of ’98 – and the upcoming premiere of the Nullification Documentary at CPAC in February. See you there!

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