Reflecting on the story of the Internal Revenue Service targeting groups with names that included tea party, patriot or any other name that marks a group as pro Constitutional, pro Freedom or pro Bill of Rights, leads us to consider the history of the IRS.

Why would you even approach the IRS for blessing?  Your group is, itself considered to be an enemy of the Fed to which the IRS owes allegiance.  Any way they can, the IRS will cause opposition to its perceived enemy.   Did the American army ask the enemy governments to finance them for WWI or WWII?

The federal income tax was created in 1913 with the ratification of the 16th amendment to the Constitution.  Before that time the Fed ran on “tariffs.”  Using only tariffs was wise, it kept the government constrained to its Constitutional duties. There were some high tariffs, which did cause some anger and resulted in the “Tariff of Abominations,” but even that was not so high as to stifle the free enterprise system.  And the Fed had plenty of money to run what is properly within its scope.

In arguments during the consideration of the 16th amendment (1909), Representative Samuel McCall (Mass.) stated “….leads me to believe that the chief purpose of the tax is not financial, but social. It is not primarily to raise money for the state, but to regulate the citizen and to regenerate the moral nature of man. The individual citizen will be called on to lay bare the inner-most recesses of his soul in affidavits, and with the aid of the Federal inspector, who will supervise his books and papers and business secrets, he may be made to be good, according the notions of virtue at the moment prevailing in Washington.”

How prophetic.

Think about the kind of information you give the IRS on your tax form.  Your charitable donations (so they know who you support and therefore know your thinking); what you paid for your home and your current interest rate; how much you earn; how many children you have and if you send them to daycare or private school and which daycare or private school; how many times you have been married; your medical information (by way of deductions for medication or treatments) and on it goes.  Why are we made to plead for money we have rightly earned?  We now see people who are arguing about deductions, there should be more, there should be less, there should be none.

We have lost site of the real issue: the Fed should not be collecting any of your information at all.  The idea of taking money you have earned by the work or your hands or mind should be abhorrent to the American mind.  And the taking of that money before you get it, is nothing less than stealing.  Even though the income tax came along in 1913, people were still paying the taxes by writing a check at the end of the year.  When WWII began, the Fed needed money upfront to build the war machine.  So it instituted the “temporary” taking of American’s earnings before the earner gets his share.  Well, one asks, World War II ended in August of 1945, 68 years ago.  How long exactly is temporary?

It is the income tax that helped in growing the Fed outside of the “chains of the Constitution”.   And now we see more proof of the adage “absolute power corrupts, absolutely.”  Can you imagine, the IRS targeting citizens as an enemy, the IRS targeting successful people to steal extra money from and yes, now the IRS, deciding what healthcare you can or might have.   Can you imagine it?  If not, look around with new eyes and see it has already arrived.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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