Oscoda County is emerging as the hub for the Michigan Constitutional resistance.

The township of  Elmer unanimously passed a resolution affirming the Second Amendment rights of its residents.

Elmer joins Big Creek and Comins townships in Oscoda County in passing Second Amendment Preservation Resolutions, with Greenfield passing a motion to uphold the entire Constitution. In lieu of this recent action, it is clear that Oscoda County has emerged as the trailblazer in protecting the rights of Michigan gun owners.

While Elmer Township made a statement that Second Amendment rights will be preserved there, two townships in Oscoda sadly rejected or stalled resolutions. Mentor officials rejected the resolution on a 2-3 vote, while Clinton tabled the vote pending review from the Michigan Township Association.

Still, a majority of townships within the county have passed something affirming the Second Amendment. Activists hope that this will serve to alert the freedom-starved masses that local, civic action is the way to fight back against federal overreach. These resolutions also make a bold statement to state legislature and will hopefully motivate them to wake up from their malaise, honor their oath and step up to protect the rights of their citizens.

“You end up creating a message, education, and influence [by passing these resolutions] that our rights shall not be infringed as a FREE People,” Oscoda County Republican Party Chair Doug Davis said.

Davis was influential in getting the resolutions passed.

“Also, by doing so, you send the message to the top, that we the People, DO NOT stand for the shredding of our God-Given rights!”

Davis said that he and fellow activists plan to capitalize on the momentum of these recent victories by taking a Second Amendment Preservation Resolution to the Oscoda County commission. According to Davis, Delta and Cheboygan counties have already passed similar resolutions, and he intends to make Oscoda the next in what hopefully becomes an enduring trend of Michigan counties willing to stand up to the federal monolith.

Davis strongly promoted the idea of getting activists involved locally.

“Someone was found in each township to introduce the resolutions to their townships. Rather than just go to those at the county level, it is much more meaningful and important to go through the townships to show the county that there are people who have concerns. What this is also doing is showing how the process works – of getting the people involved, something where I believe we have lost our way within our communities.”

Although the gun rights ‘debate’ isn’t as roaring as it was a few months back, the federal tyrants will not rest until the public is disarmed and less able to resist their dictates. It is important that we fight back now and show that our communities will not sit idly by and have our birthright stripped from us. Follow in the lead of the patriots in Oscoda County and get involved to protect the Bill of Rights immediately!


Please contact your elected officials at the local level whether it’s city, town or county and urge them to support our model legislation – the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance.

To check to see if your community has already passed or is in the process of passing such a bill, consult our legislative tracker by clicking HERE.

If you live in Michigan, the Firearms Freedom Act has been lying dormant in the State Senate for six months and a public push is needed to get action taken on this bill. You can find the contact information for your Senator by clicking HERE. Politely urge them to support SB 63, honor their oath to the Constitution and protect our Second Amendment rights.

The 10th Amendment

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