If Mark doesn’t consider this reasonable, deletes our post on facebook, or attacks us as pseudo-anything, that should speak volumes.

Here’s what we had to say, on my personal approval, on his facebook page today:

And for posterity, since we know his staff is prone to delete posts that disagree with him, here’s the full text:


We’ve been blazing the trail for years – with the message that the solution is with the STATES. We’re VERY glad that you’re on board with this message now too.

While we certainly agree with you when you say “even if we take back the house with a slew of conservatives, the system is still broken,” it seems quite bombastic and rude of you to call those of us working to resist federal power with nullification as “kooks.”

How about this – you push back via the STATES in your way, and we’ll continue doing it in our way.

And that’s a BIG win-win for liberty…

UPDATE: Mark Levin, or his staff, did in fact delete our post from his page, it no longer exists and the FB embed code doesn’t show anything on this blog.

BUT, we took a screen shot of it in advance for proof:

levin-deleted post on nullification

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

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