Now that the NSA has been exposed, its minions hope you will sit cowering in fear of their power. The agency hopes that widespread knowledge of its unbelievably expansive spying operation will cause activists to relent.

However, the NSA has an Achilles Heel that they do not want you to know about – the fact that it relies on our complicity to run its operation.

Because the NSA has arrogantly embarked on such a vast, Orwellian venture, it has left itself vulnerable to local and state action against it.

NSA relies on our complicity, our resources, our manpower, our universities and private corporations to destroy our privacy rights. Big Brother simply does not have what it takes to pull off such a grand endeavor without our help. By removing that help with a grassroots, bottom-up campaign, we can turn it off for good!

Here is how we fight back.

Deny the NSA the use of our natural resources: The NSA wastes 1.7 million gallons of water per day in Utah spying on us all, and that is just at one facility. The NSA has facilities across the country, expending our resources at similarly frivolous rates. Cutting it off from these resources through state legislation and local ordinances such as the ones we promote will make it virtually impossible for Big Brother to operate.

Stop destructive ‘information sharing’ practices: Through the Special Operations Division, information illegally gathered by the NSA is transferred to local law enforcement to help them in prosecutions. Local and state action can stop this incestuous and highly unconstitutional behavior. Fusion Centers also act as the liaisons between the feds and local law enforcement, feeding them phony intelligence that demonizes the regime’s political opponents as terrorists. We can stop this as well.

Punish complicit corporations: As usual, the feds have brought corporations on board to help them to subvert our rights. Boycotting these corporations is an integral part of our plan to encourage them to cut the NSA off as well. If enough people get involved, and the companies start seeing their bottom lines impacted, they will be forced to end their collusion with the NSA. Sanctions could also be levied through state and local legislation on corporations that aid and abet Big Brother in its frenzied destruction of our rights.

End university partnerships: The NSA is targeting universities in an attempt to make them breeding grounds for the intelligence industry. Instead of growing as a human being, or learning about ways to make the world a better place, students will instead be guided by the prying hands of Big Brother. The NSA has already partnered with at least 166 universities to train faculty and students in complicity with the surveillance state. By cutting them off at universities, we prevent the minds of impressionable young people from being influenced by Big Brother’s sinister machinations. Our plan also prevents the universities from doing research and information gathering for the NSA, which is already underway.

The reason why we can push back against the NSA in this manner is because of something known as the anti-commendering doctrine. The Supreme Court and other jurists have repeatedly re-affirmed this legal doctrine. Simply put, the federal government cannot force the states to act. That is why you see debt-money dangled by the feds in front of the state governments so often to get them to do their bidding. As the money runs out and loses value, that debt-money payoff will seem less enticing to states and freedom will seem like a better alternative.

This is just the beginning of our plan to take the fight to the NSA.

With a recent proclamation from Glenn Greenwald that he plans on releasing ALL of the documents leaked to him by Edward Snowden, other avenues of resistance will take shape. Remember, the NSA scandal has just begun. The most explosive revelations have yet to come to light. If the NSA thinks it can distract the public, it is sadly mistaken. The public no longer trusts the government. These allegations are likely to unleash a tidal wave of public opinion against Big Brother the likes of which we have never seen. It is our duty to capitalize on this and turn it into political action against them.

That is why you cannot allow yourself to be bullied by the thugs at the NSA. They are vulnerable. That’s why the feds want to frighten you into submission. They want you to think they are big; they are bad; they are unstoppable. And resistance is futile. Nothing could be further from the truth. The feds and their agencies such as NSA are hemorrhaging public support and prestige at an alarming rate. Quite simply, they are a paper tiger.

People are sick of the status quo. They are tired of their rights getting endlessly trampled upon by government. We just need activists like you out there, spreading the word, educating activists, mobilizing them for political action and spearheading initiatives to get the 4th Amendment Protection Act through legislatures, county commissions and town councils.

The time to take them on is now, will you join us?

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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