#NullifyNSAWelcome to #NullifyNSA – the movement dedicated to restoring the 4th amendment and bringing an end to the destruction of your privacy rights!

We are a grassroots organization working to turn off the NSA’s illegal spying program once and for all.

Because of the vast nature of the Orwellian snooping machine, it takes a tremendous amount of resources to maintain it. Aside from destroying our environment by depleting our precious natural resources, this also leaves Big Brother vulnerable to decentralized political resistance.

The feds cannot force state and local governments to do their bidding. This notion is so uncontroversial that the Supreme Court has even agreed multiple times. This gives us an opportunity to hit Big Brother through legislation at the state and local levels. By stopping local and state governments from aiding and abetting the NSA’s unconstitutional behavior, we can make it impossible – or at the very least far more difficult – for them to spy on us.

In the case of the Utah data center, it is bigger than several Pentagons. Thus, it takes an astounding 1.7 million gallons of water per day to maintain the facility. Most of that water comes from a political subdivision of the state of Utah. That means we can cut the NSA off. Many other NSA centers have similar agreements with local and state governments. They can be cut off as well.

And that’s not all we are up to.

The NSA has corporate partners who provide them with resources in centers where they do not have agreements with local and state governments. These corporations need to be exposed for their collusion with Big Brother and boycotted accordingly. With enough consumer pressure, they will be forced to cave and cut the NSA off.

In addition, the NSA has a large and odious presence on college campuses. As of right now, 166 universities are listed as Centers of Academic Excellence” whose faculties and students both work with the NSA. It is unacceptable that institutions of higher learning are being transformed into hotspots for unconstitutional activity. We will have a campus resolution available shortly for students to take to their student body governments that ensures that their university refuses to do the bidding of Big Brother.

While fantastic organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and American Civil Liberties Union are working on lawsuits to stop the NSA’s illegal spying, we need to be vigilant and get involved at the local and state levels to fight them ourselves. Big Brother will not be vanquished through mass dormancy and apathy. We need to bring together as many people as possible who oppose these invasive measures. People from every political walk of life are invited to join us in our historically significant undertaking to nullify the NSA. If enough people can come together with the right ideas and a cooperative mentality, we will be successful. The feds want us to think we are isolated, weak and helpless. We need to show them otherwise if we wish to continue to live in a free, prosperous and democratic society.

#NullifyNSA was founded to show, once and for all, that egregious constitutional violations like the ones being committed by the NSA with their open flouting of the Constitution will no longer be tolerated! We will not be robbed of our rights, sit idly by and watch it happen! Big Brother will never break our will, and we will never stop fighting for our rights.

Join the fight while there is still time to reverse this madness!

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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