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TED TV occasionally encourages ideas that involve revolutionary thinking about the need for less government and this video focusing on the NSA is a great example.

Mikko Hypponen promotes action to a global audience, and we would be wise to look outside of our borders for creative ways to stop U.S. government overreach.

The video boasted more than 200,000 views and nearly 300 comments after only about 100 hours online.

Why should we in the US care what about what a chief research officer at a security firm says?  Because his words are wiser than most of the 535 Congressmen, all nine Supreme Court Judges, one US President and all of the NSA workers combined.

He asks, “Are Americans willing to throw away the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…” and he asks the question specifically around the justification for spying – “terrorism”.  He points out that this spying has ZERO to do with searching for terrorists, but violates the rights of the non-terrorist civilians.

The biggest terrorist organization is the one centralized in DC setting up data centers in places like Utah to undermine everything our country was founded on.

Tragically, Hypponen demonstrates a better understanding of the Fourth Amendment than most of our elected officials. His overall message is to the rest of the world, but his short encouragement is to us here in America.

Stop this insanity.

We can!

We just need Utah to turn it off.

To get involved, visit OffNow.org.

Francisco Rodriguez

The 10th Amendment

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