The Iowa GOP establishment thinks they know the problem with their state party: not enough candidates like the failures, Mitt Romney and John McCain.

This could almost be an Onion story.

Establishment Republicans in Iowa have a plan for achieving future political success, and it is not pretty. According to a recent Fox News article, “These Republicans say success would be [Governor Terry] Branstad winning re-election next fall and paving the way for a national GOP comeback in the 2016 presidential election by choosing a mainstream Republican in the leadoff presidential caucuses.”

Here’s a question for you: how many times do these guys have to lose before they realize that something is wrong with their approach? Will the GOP whither and die before it decides to change course?

Sen. John McCain, the cheerleader of Pres. Obama’s policy of supporting Al Queda in Syria, lost in an embarrassing fashion in 2008. In the next go-around, the GOP put up a candidate in Mitt Romney who couldn’t even beat lousy old McCain four years prior. Now establishment Republicans are huffing and puffing that libertarians and Tea Partiers have too much control because it is making it more difficult for them to put up another big fat loser!

This story shows that nothing will ever change at the highest levels of government in D.C. Republicans and Democrats will continue to march out candidates who offer maybe 5 percent differences of opinion on any substantial topic. And Republicans will play along forever apparently, even if it means they taste defeat repeatedly. It seems they would rather lose every time than have a liberty-minded person who cares about the Constitution step up there and win.

So, how do we fight back against this system of institutionalized injustice?

At the state and local level through nullification; that’s how!

Nullification makes it so that both of these crooked political parties feel the hurt when they’ve committed unconstitutional acts. That way, we won’t have to concern ourselves with who wins these pointless, fraudulent federal elections. Nullification means we stop them regardless of whether they play for the red team or the blue team.

I still wish the Iowa GOP good luck in staying liberty-leaning. It is no picnic having to deal with nasty, entrenched politicians who will stop at nothing to regain their stranglehold on the party leadership. Best of luck getting a candidate in who is a real constitutional conservative in 2016. But if they do sneak in another establishment bum like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush, remember to utilize nullification against them as often as necessary should they worm their way into the Oval Office!

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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