On a trip to the dollar store recently, I made a surprising discovery. While I went to buy shaving cream, soda, paper plates, shampoo and other cheaply-made disposable products, I found a whole row of books. I remember thinking that if you have your books available at the dollar store and they’re not even selling there, your best days have to be behind you. And sure enough, I was right, because the book that was on the shelves was one by Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Boy, how the mighty have fallen!

A man who was once revered as one of the greatest Civil Rights activists in the world can’t even sell books when they’re $1.

Sadly for the Rev, Jesse’s best days are clearly behind him. He has watched his son’s political career and life spiral out of control, watched Barack Obama completely leave him in the dust by doing what he failed to do in 1988, and has become little more than a caricature of himself after decades of ridiculous and absurd comments. His latest thoughts on nullification and states rights fall right in line.

In a Nov. 4 article in the Chicago Sun Times called ‘Stand up to Bigotry of States Rights,’ he attempts to draw comparisons between racist behaviors in the past to those of the states standing up against Obamacare today. In the end, he urges for Obama to send in federal thugs to enforce Obamacare against the will of the people of the states saying, “Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson all had to assert federal authority to enforce the law against resisting states. That burden now rests on President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder concerning the provision of affordable health care for all.“

In his waning years, Jesse has been reduced to little more than a rank-and-file toady of President Obama, doing everything he can to force people to comply to his health care takeover. He spends his time hawking Obamacare because he doesn’t care a lick about ending racism. If racism were put to an end, he would be out of a meal ticket. He needs to inflame the passions of racists, whether they’re black or white, to make his pocketbook fatter. One of the ways that he inflames the passions of people out there is by spreading lies and propaganda about nullification and state’s rights. In Jesse’s extremely unsophisticated view, nullification = secession = slavery. That’s state’s rights in a nutshell in Jesse’s world. Not a particularly nuanced take on the political system, to say the least.

Keep in mind that Jesse’s been caught saying racial slurs on several different occasions. He once called Obama the dreaded N-word caught on a live mic and he infamously called New York City ‘hymietown,” a slur directed toward the city’s large Jewish population. Is this the man we really want paraded around as the supposed leader of the African-American community? Is this the man who should be our moral compass when it comes to race relations? Of course not. He is only kept around because he is a ‘useful idiot’ to the regime, the type of lout who would do or say anything to keep money and notoriety coming his way.

Meanwhile, you cannot find any even remotely racist words ever published on the Tenth Amendment Center. As a matter of fact, we speak ill of the racist, negative policies of the federal government all the time and trumpet using the states as a way to battle racial injustice. Jesse would rather the unconstitutional drug war continue putting young black men in cages than for the states to lift a finger to stop it. Ironic since he’s written a book criticizing the War on Drugs. He would rather black people be listened in on, targeted, spied on with Predator Drones and to lose their right to a trial than for federal supremacy to be questioned. This is an irresponsible, bigoted worldview that does much harm to African-Americans.

Jesse Jackson is either lying about, or is completely ignorant on, the topic of state’s rights and nullification. If he wasn’t so ignorant, he would know that nullification’s roots come from acting against the Alien and Sedition Acts, not from protecting racists and slaveholders. He would also know that nullification was heroically used to free slaves by northern states, and that this act of nullification was reviled by Jefferson Davis and the Confederate South. But since these facts aren’t profitable to scamsters like Jesse, they are either glossed over or completely ignored.

Would Jesse Jackson have supported the federal government when they approved the fugitive slave laws? Would he have condemned nullifiiers who refused to return escaped slaves to the south? Would he be proclaiming it as the ‘law of the land’ because the Supreme Court approved it? Based upon his history, the answer is yes.

When Alabama enacts laws that harm black people there, it is only a problem for the group of people living in that area. While terrible, most of the people in the other 49 states are unaffected. When the feds make a racist policy, it affects all of us and there is no escape other than the state resistance Jesse frowns upon.

At this point, I can feel nothing but pity for Jesse Jackson. He sees his political star faded almost completely as nullification fever sweeps the country. Of course, he blames racism for this. He will go down as an antiquated relic of an era that everyone will be happy to forget. We, and other patriots, are going to be solving the problems that he’s spent the past decades complaining about and making money off of. There will be no niche for a race-baiting charlatan to take up in the political system by the time we’re finished. You’re being left in the dust, Jesse. Good riddance.