Arizona Representative Bob Thorpe, along with 24 other representatives, have introduced a bill that would prohibit the unlawful use of drones. The bill aims to stop warrantless gathering, storage and collection of evidence of any type, including audio and video recordings. It would also require that search warrants would have to be specifically outlined for their purposes.

HB2613 would amend Section 13-1502 of the Arizona revised statutes by adding a section on drone use regulations. The text of the bill simply states:

A. A government agency or law enforcement officer may not use a mobile surveillance device to observe individuals or private property without permission unless the use of the mobile surveillance device occurs either: 1. Pursuant to a search warrant that authorizes the use of the mobile surveillance device. 2. During a state of emergency. B. For the purposes of this section: 1. “mobile surveillance device” means a powered or unpowered aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator and that may be operated by remote control. 2. “state of emergency” has the same meaning prescribed in section 26‑301


1. Get the bill scheduled for a committee hearing and vote.  HB2613 has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee, but we need your help getting the bill scheduled to be heard. CALL Representative Eddie Farnsworth (R) – (602) 926-5735. He’s the committee chairman and is responsible for scheduling all the bills for this committee. Let him know your concerns for the unlawful use of spy drones and that you expect his support for this legislation.  Also ask him when you can expect the bill to be scheduled to his committee. This is crucial to get the bill started in the legislative process!

2. Call the other committee members. Strongly, but respectfully, ask them to support HB2613. If they do not commit to a YES vote, ask them why. If they’re undecided, let them know you’ll call back in a few days. If you get their voicemail, LEAVE A MESSAGE. They will receive it. Let him or her know of your concern for the unlawful use of spy drones and that you expect support of this legislation.

Vice-Chairman Justin Pierce (R) – 602-926-5495
Representative John Allen (R) – 602-926-4916
Representative Albert Hale (D) – 602-926-4323
Representative Ethan Orr (R) – 602-926-3235
Representative Martín J. Quezada (D) – 602-926-5911
Representative Lupe Chavira Contreras (D) – 602-926-5284
Representative Doris Goodale (R) – 602-926-5408

Click here for more contact information.

3.  Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days.  Ask if they’ve had a chance to review the legislation and what their opposition might be.   Comment below or contact us with any information you get.

4. Write a letter to the editor. Look up your local newspaper and submit a letter to the editor voicing your support for HB2613. Following strong legal principles, it’s essential that Arizona no longer help the federal government spy on all of us. Passing HB2613 will make that happen.

Also, you may want to contact the sponsor who introduced this bill and thank him: Representatives Bob Thorpe

5. Report Back. Tell us how your actions went. Click the button below


If you live outside of Arizona, still contact your state legislator. Inform him or her that you hope similar legislation will be introduced in your state. To see model legislation you can introduce in your state to nullify unlawful drone use, please see The Tenth Amendment Center’s Model Legislation: Privacy Protection Act

Track the status of Privacy Protection Acts in states around the country HERE

Adam Henriksen

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