That’s what Yale Law School professor and The New York Times columnist Linda Greenhouse accused members of the Supreme Court of being after they agreed to hear the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act. For his part, Princeton professor and fellow NYT columnist Paul Krugman called this a “cruel absurdity,” and suggested the court would “pervert the law to serve political masters.”

Though it comes as a bit of a surprise, we at the Tenth Amendment Center are proud to offer an outstretched hand to Greenhouse and Krugman, welcoming them into our organization. Admittedly, we were not optimistic at the prospects of such noted and well-respected members of the Ivy League adopting these radical views toward federal supremacy. We have nevertheless made efforts to build alliances with a wide array of organizations and are excited to explore new paths in opposition to federal overreach.

With opposition to the federal government’s continued expansion already so high, having these two mainstream opinion leaders openly recognize the court for what it really is will no doubt prove to be of great historical significance.

Generations from now, school children will read of the boldness and candor these great American patriots possessed in such trying times. Professors, we bid you welcome and are sincerely heartened by your embrace of the Tenther spirit.

Joel Poindexter
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