Together, we can shut them down!

In July 2013, TAC began the process of formulating a plan to NullifyNSA surveillance. We developed model legislation, provided papers and reports on the legal basis, and even covered how another state – Nevada – had successfully shut off water to a federal agency – and stopped it.

Yesterday, a bill in Utah to shut off water to the NSA data center there was given a public hearing. The committee room was “packed” – and committee members received “tons of emails” in support, according to the sponsor, Marc Roberts.

And, in the last 24 hours – mainstream media is covering this all over the web. Washington Post, AP, ABC News and Washington Times.

Better yet, the message we’ve been pushing is now being covered. For example:

AP reported that Nevada used this process – instead of claiming that it was illegal to do so, as every previous report had done.

Washington Times stated, without question – that “Cutting off access to its water supply — and electricity — would basically shut down its operations.” Instead of claiming that it would never work.
We know the odds are stacked heavily against us. We know that taking on the biggest spy agency the world has ever seen is dangerous. We know that it might seem insurmountable.

But we also know that if we don’t try, we’ll never win. And events in Utah are showing us that we’ve got our foot in the door. With your help, we’ll smash it wide open.


Michael Boldin

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