Inside sources tell us that SB1330 – to stop Arizona from helping the feds enforce any new gun control is being HELD in the House Rules committee – and will not get any further consideration.

YOUR CALLS TODAY – SHOULD BE SWARMING THAT COMMITTEE. Call each member and ask them to move SB1330 to the House floor.

David Stevens (R) Chair (602) 926-4321
Steve Montenegro (R) Vice Chair (602) 926-5955
David Gowan (R) (602) 926-3312
Albert Hale (D) (602) 926-4323
David Livingston (R) (602) 926-4178
Bob Robson (D) (602) 926-5549
Bob Thorpe (R) (602) 926-5219
Cici Velasquez (D) (602) 926-3144
Bruce Wheeler (D) (602) 926-3300

This committee only exists to ensure that bills are “constitutional and proper” for consideration on the House floor. It already passed the full Senate, the Senate rules committee and another House committee.

That same House Rules committee moved at least 2 other bills that are based on the same legal and constitutional process – that is, the state cannot be required to provide resources or personnel to the enforcement of federal acts (HB2368, HB2648 already passed that committee).

That means an effort to withdraw Arizona from helping the feds enforce any new federal gun control is likely dead for 2015 – and it’s not because it’s “unconstitutional” – it’s because establishment leadership behind the scenes put heavy pressure on the committee to NOT bring it to the House floor for a vote.

You could turn it around with heavier pressure on that committee, demanding that they bring it to the House floor. Call members today and tell them you will accept nothing less than moving the bill out of committee.

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

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