In Mississippi last week, a bill that takes on gun control by executive order and agency rule passed out of an important committee. It now goes to the full senate for further consideration.

On Monday, Idaho S1389 was sent to the governor’s desk. According to Gun Owners of America, Under the proposed legislation, carry laws would largely homogenize across the state, allowing those over 21 who are legally able to possess a firearm to carry a concealed handgun statewide without first obtaining a permit, while those between 18 and 20 could still carry them outside of city limits and apply for a permit for carry in urban areas after receiving approved training.

On Tuesday, a Tennessee House committee passed a bill that sets the foundation to reject and block enforcement of gun control by international law or treaty. With Hillary Clinton being a big part of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, this kind of measure could prove to be extremely important in the coming years.  Introduced by Democrat Rep. John Windle, the bill is expected to go to the full house for debate and vote.

And in Rhode Island, a House committee held a hearing on Tuesday for a bill to reject any new federal gun control measure – whether by an act of congress, an agency rules, or an executive order.

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

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