Today, I received an email from a reporter at the Washington Examiner about Ben Carson possibly being HUD secretary. My response below.

Question: I’m writing to ask if the Tenth Amendment Center has any response to President-elect Trump apparently picking Ben Carson as HUD Secretary, given that Carson has written critically of the AFFH rule. Thanks.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for writing.

While Dr. Carson was certainly critical of the AFFH rule in his Washington Times op-ed, only time will tell if he’s willing to work to eliminate it, or merely rearrange what we consider unconstitutional federal overreach from HUD.

Either way, we see a movement brewing on the local level. At least five local governments, including Castle Rock, CO and Forsyth County, GA, have flat-out rejected grant money associated with the rule, effectively freeing themselves from the strings attached to these federal dollars.

Even if Mr. Trump and Mr. Carson do nothing to end the AFFH rule, if enough localities reject the program, it will cease to exist in practice.

Don’t hesitate to follow up with any further questions.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Boldin

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