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If you’re like me, you’ve probably been ignoring most of the tidal wave of emails selling things the last few days. There are a few I do read regularly, like any that come from my friend Tom Woods.

Yesterday’s email from Tom was one of his best, “9 false things statists believe, but you shouldn’t.”  He was sharing just a small number of things people learn from his “Liberty Classroom.” I’m a member there, my 18 year old nephew is a member, a ton of TAC members are too. I’ve learned a lot there.

If you’re interested in getting access – Tom gives back to TAC 50% of every dollar when you visit through this link:

Anyway, I picked out my 4 favorites and wanted to share them with you.

  1. “States’ rights” are code words for slavery and oppression.

We’ve heard this one for years – our opposition absolutely hates our work and will do anything to smear us as the bad guys. The Southern Poverty Law Center even profiled me personally as a leader who is some kind of a dangerous threat to the country.  I guess if you’re catching flak, you’re over the target!

  1. The financial crisis was caused by deregulation.

No one really knows how many federal regulations there are on the books. 300,000 might be a good guess.  Overwhelming. And most of them need to be gone. But every time we point out the unconstitutionality of ANY of them – supporters of the monster state warn of dire consequences if any of them are removed.  “Look, take away a few regulations, and the whole economy crashed!”  It’s their way of trying to talk people out of supporting Constitutional government.  But their whole narrative is a lie.

  1. The Constitution’s “general welfare” clause means Congress may pass whatever legislation it thinks will help the country.

This is one we cover here all the time – I even sent an email about it just before Thanksgiving.  The short version?  It’s not about “writing checks.”

  1. Secession is unconstitutional.

Have you seen any national news coverage on the people pushing for California secession? I’ve read a number of reports – and noticed that none of them referred to these progressive separatists as “neo-confederates” like they did to anyone on the right while Obama has been in office.  Not surprised at all.  The country was founded on separation from Great Britain…people seem to forget that.

Here at TAC we’re great friends and supporters of Tom and his work. He literally wrote the book on Nullification. (we sell it here). He was the keynote speaker for a series of nullification conferences. He’s featured in our 1st DVD on Nullification. I was the first ever guest on his podcast, and have been there a good half dozen times for “Tenther Tuesday” episodes. Tom even makes a pretty sizeable monthly donation to our work every single month.

When it comes to nullification – Tom Woods and the Tenth Amendment Center have worked hand-in-hand for a long time now.

So when Tom asked if I’d be open to letting you know about his big discounts on Liberty Classroom that go through Monday night, it was a no-brainer for me. His faculty is filled with historians we’ve featured here at TAC – Tom, Kevin Gutzman, Brion McClanahan.  

AND he takes 50% of every dollar you spend there and sends it right back to us here at the Tenth Amendment Center.

It’s not a cheap product – but it’s pennies compared to the overpriced “education” they give people in the establishment universities. And you learn way more at Liberty Classroom too

I’d be seriously remiss if I didn’t at least let you know about it.  I think you’ll find the whole series of courses extremely valuable.  And if you sign up, you’re helping us fund our work here too.

Here’s the link, you know what to do:

Thanks for reading – and for your support!

–Michael Boldin, TAC

Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

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