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Here’s something we regularly hear from people on the left, “I support what you guys do on privacy (or hemp farming), the states should block the feds on this. But, you really need to drop the gun nut approach on the 2nd Amendment.”

Here’s how Bill in Colorado put it to me last week, “I really don’t need my neighbor running around my neighborhood with a AR 15 assault rifle. Stupid as stupid is.”

In short, they support the Constitution as long as it fits their own political goals.

But they’re not alone.

On the right, it goes the other direction. For example, Stephen in Maryland – a self-described federal “policeman” told us this one:

“I believe in the Constitution and States rights but this federal law banning cannabis is very much right and correct.”

It’s sad how common this view really is.  We hear so often from people on the left they support us on the constitution, “except for guns.” And on the right, they support us on the constitution, “except for cannabis.”

What they’re really telling us is, “I only like the Constitution when it favors things I support.”

That’s a dangerous view. If you attack one part of the Constitution, you attack it all. Here, we stand for the Constitution on EVERY issue.

As James Madison put it in Federalist #45, “The powers delegated … to the Federal Government, are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State Governments are numerous and indefinite.”

In his latest article, Mike Maharrey digs even further on this essential pillar of the Constitution and covers the views of a little-known founder on state vs federal power.


With an unconstitutional government-run school system dominating education in this country for so many decades, we’ve got a really long uphill battle ahead of us. But this kind of constitutional education is something we do every day.

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Michael Boldin, TAC

Michael Boldin