Received last week, this rambling, mostly-incoherent email is – unfortunately – pretty common. It’s got some spicy language, but is still worth the read. Government-run schooling at its finest.

Hi, guys! Your group is not a defender of anything other than paranoid, middle aged white guys. You wouldn’t know the U.S. Constitution from a Chinese takeout menu. Your group, like any other fringe group simply “cherry picks” parts of the Constitution that you like or dislike and believe that because you’re armed that you can bully the American people with your nonsensical claims of “disarming the public” and the total batshit crazy idea of FOREIGN TROOPS? ON US SOIL? You need to stop listening to Alex Jones. Your intentions are admirable, but your paranoia cancels out anything beneficial. Your insane beliefs regarding the US Supreme Court are troubling. The law is the law and you are not above any of it despite your not approving it. No one is coming for your god damned guns! I exercise my 2nd amendment rights, too, but I don’t have the need to broadcast it to the whole world. Your myth about “Martial Law” is steeped in ignorance as well. If Martial Law wasn’t declared on 9/11, it’s a safe bet that it won’t be declared on a national level EVER! Your paranoia however may be a bit more justified now that Donald Trump is president. If you voted for this steaming pile of a human being, you pretty much fucked the United States as well as the rest of the world. I don’t have time to list all the things that are absurd and dangerous, but believe this: If there’s as so much as a plot to assassinate him (real or imagined), you can BET that the 2nd amendment would be suspended. This mutt is in it for HIMSELF. He doesn’t give a shit about YOU, or any American. He has no idea what a president is supposed to be, and I haven’t heard him say anything other than he wants bad things to happen to millions of people. It doesn’t bother you that everything that comes out of his mouth is about how he’s going to hurt people? He’s determined to start a war. If this doesn’t disturb you then you’re just another white idiot with no conscience. This president, whom I sure you worship, is a worldwide calamity that will 100% make you the most sorry people on the Earth. You can’t see it through his bravado and his lies but EVERY American, including YOU and your group will be affected in a really bad way. Not ONE single thing he’s done is actually going to help America. You may thing you’re all a bunch of badasses but just remember- you bleed, too! The credo of your group of racist vigilantes are a threat to the public’s well being. You cannot dismiss the laws that govern this nation because they cramp your lifestyle. A TRUE patriot obeys the laws, even if it’s an unpopular one. You cannot endorse the 2nd amendment while you’re deploring the 16th. If you love the U.S. Constitution as you claim to, then you are required to abide by ALL OF IT! You may be armed but you DON’T make any laws for this country. So put down that rifle and seek psychiatric care. Maybe if you eliminated the conspiracy shit like “FEMA Camps” under Walmart stores, and drone attacks at the Bundy ranch, and United Nations “troops” collaborating with the U.S. Military to enslave all Americans- someone might take you seriously. But as it stands, you’re only a bunch of sociopaths who jerk off while fantasizing about murdering people you don’t like, and are not harming your dumb white ass. If I donate a dollar, please use it to buy a CLUE!

In response:

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