One of George Mason’s leading objections to ratification was the structure of the federal judiciary. Thomas Jefferson signaled that he liked it at first, but in the years to follow, considered it the leading engine of consolidation, and the destruction of the constitution.

Path to Liberty: January 24, 2024

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George Mason – Virginia Ratifying Convention (19 June 1788)

James Madison, Letter to George Washington (19 Oct 1787)

George Mason – Plan for the National Judiciary (27 Aug 1787)

George Mason’s Objections to the Constitution (22 Nov 1787)

George Mason – Speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention (4 June 1788)

George Mason – Letter to Samuel Griffin (8 Sept 1789)

Thomas Jefferson – Letter to James Madison (20 June 1787)

Thomas Jefferson – Letter to James Madison (15 Mar 1789)

Thomas Jefferson – Letter to Abigail Adams (11 Sept 1804)

Thomas Jefferson – Letter to Spencer Roane (6 Sept 1819)

Thomas Jefferson – Draft for the Kentucky Resolutions (before 4 Oct 1798)

Thomas Jefferson – Letter to Thomas Ritchie (25 Dec 1820)

Thomas Jefferson – to Judge Spencer Roane (9 Mar 1821)

Thomas Jefferson – Letter to Nathanael Macon (23 Nov 1821)

Final say

Thomas Jefferson to William Charles Jarvis (28 Sept 1820)

James Madison – Report of 1800 (7 Jan 1800)

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