How Can I Help?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article, written by Steve Palmer for the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center answers one of the most frequent questions we get – “What can I do?” While directed towards people in PA, the principles and suggestions are universal – and people in any state can act on his recommendations. Join us!


At the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center, we are working to enhance liberty for Pennsylvanians by restoring fidelity to the Constitution. Our efforts are largely focused in these areas:

  • Education
  • Influencing legislation
  • Grass roots activation

As with any other grassroots group, we are always looking for help. If you want to get involved, here are some things you can do.


May the Tenth Amendment be With You

“I hate the empire but there is nothing I can do about it”, said young Luke Skywalker as he felt the pessimism of realizing that one person can’t possibly defeat something as large and powerful as the evil galactic empire. I suppose that is how we all feel at times when dealing with our own empire known as the federal government. The villains of our story has spent years building up an indestructible bureaucracy that no one person can defeat. This was what Luke Skywalker realized and was content to live under the empire’s rule and it is probably what a lot of us seem to think at times especially with the passage of the health care bill.

Life imitates art because it embodies our hopes and dreams which is why the most popular artistic creations always allows people to express what they are thinking. This must explain why Star Wars has been one of the most popular movies of all time because it is a story about people oppressed by a powerful government. This piece of art must have tapped into a feeling that we have which is that there is some kind of evil empire trying to take over our lives.


Texas Must Retain Environmental Management Authority!

Do YOU support Texas independence from the EPA and Executive tyranny? Then tell Governor Perry TODAY to “pull” House Bill 3188 (Rep. Lyle Larson; R-Bexar) out of the House Select Committee on State Sovereignty and send it on its way through the legislative process!

HB 3188 is the only bill with “teeth” to enforce a Texas EPA pushback directive. With only 40 days left in the 82nd legislative session, the clock is ticking down on this House bill.

Call, email, fax, etc. the Office of the Governor and tell them to MOVE HB 3188 to Calendars Committee so that HB 3188 can be debated and voted on the House floor.

Contact info: Senator Ken Armbrister, Legislative Liaison to the Governor, (512) 463-1830, fax: (512) 572-2211,, P.O. Box 12428, Austin, Texas 78711.

If emailing or faxing, cut and paste the following point paper and send it on. This is an easy and convenient way to battle tyranny from your home office. Do it today. Do it for you children. Do it for Texas!