Tom Woods, Paul Armentano on Tenther Radio

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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann cover the news of the Tenther Movement – NDAA nullification on Jan Brewer’s desk, local activism and election strategies. John Lambert jumps on to chat about plans for the Texas Tenth Amendment Center going in to the 2013 legislative session as well.

Tom Woods returns to Tenther Radio in the 4th segment to talk education. He doesn’t just talk about how the education system in this country is bad, which we all know – but he’s building a new project that could help develop a model to beat the government school system…and do an end-run around the establishment.

“I am going to use the internet to go over the heads of a lot of these professors and I’m going to teach people real American History.  With people I trust like Kevin Gutzman, we are going to teach real history, real economics , and where people can find the time?  They can learn in their car. You can just get the stuff from our site.  You can put it in your car and drive around.”

Paul Armentano from NORML is back on the show in the 2nd segment to talk about how Obama broke his promise to his base and has been extremely aggressive on medical marijuana in the states. But there appears to be some good news on that front too, primarily in Connecticut.


Welcome to our House!

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In Los Angeles, Michael Boldin is joined in studio by Nick Hankoff, Jason Rink and John Michaels. They talk about mainstream media attacks, and the Nullify the NDAA event in LA on May 3rd.

Eddie Allen joins the show to talk about sound money and taking action yourself.

A new show segment – “Idiot Comments of the Week” – highlights recent feedback from the WSJ and on our facebook page – plus a little response to each.

Michael Boldin closes the show with a rebuttal to a neocon attack in the Washington Post.

Referring to the Wall Street Journal piece, Nick Hankoff chimed in, “They are against the left/right paradigm might work together at all.  They want bi-partisanship in Washington DC.  They don’t want actual real grass roots coalitions down working at the bottom.  The point is that they are hypercritical and contradictory in every single way.”


Leading the Way in Arizona

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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann cover some big news in the Tenther Movement. Arizona is on the verge of becoming the 2nd state to reject NDAA, and the Missouri House just approved Constitutional Tender by a wide margin.

They also talk about a few upcoming events – in MA and CA over the coming week.

The first guest of the show, Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen. She’s the prime sponsor of SB1182 there, the anti-NDAA bill which just passed the house and senate – and is awaiting a signature from Jan Brewer.

“This state and any agency of this state shall not provide material support or participate in any way with the implementation of sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012,  Public Law 112-81, against any citizen of the United States.”

When Senator Allen was asked what motivated her, she responded, “It was to try to protect the due process protections in our Constitution for the citizens of the United States.”


An Important Constitutional Lesson

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Michael Boldin and Jason Rink are joined by Rob Natelson for a special lesson on writ of habeas corpus.

Before Rob get on the air, Rink and Boldin talk about some of the basics of liberty and how throwing money at the welfare problem has neither reduced poverty nor made the poor self-sufficient. Since yesterday was “tax day” they also talk about a classic article written by Harry Browne nearly 10 years ago – Freedom from the Income Tax.

When asked about the Founders’ view on Writ of Habeas Corpus, Rob Natelson answered, “The Founders thought the Writ was very important. They have used it themselves with their struggle against the Crown for example.  However, there was also a recognition that a power to declare war, the legislature could suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus.  The legislature could make the decision that generals in the field or the commander in chief could lock people up for the duration without those people to go to court.”

He continued, “Because it was an incident in the right to declare war, Congress as the entity that would declare war under the Constitution had the right to suspend the writ. However in Article I: Section 9 under the Constitution, the Founders said that it could only be suspended under certain circumstances in case of insurrection or invasion when the public safety requires it.”


The Liberty Movement in Action

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In the copilot seat this week next to Michael Boldin is Nick Hankoff, live from the “fabulous downtown LA studios!”  Among the news they’ll cover are NDAA Nullification in Virginia, Health Care Nullification in Missouri and Sheriffs First in Arizona.

The Tenth Amendment Center and the LA County Republican Liberty Caucus are hosting Nullify the NDAA at the Standard in downtown LA.  Angela Keaton from will be speaking.

Catch the TAC’s communications director and new rising star at a couple events this month!  On April 14 he will be in Cape Girardeau, Missouri speaking at the American Revolution Part 2 and then on April 28 at the Republican Liberty Caucus of the South Carolina Convention.

Then Michael and Nick are joined by guests Mike Finger of the Free State Project and the Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs; then talk to lifetime TAC member Mike Rogers a long time supporter and lead sponsor and logistics captain for Nullify Now New Hampshire last year.


A Feeling of Hope!

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A warm welcome to a number of good people who have joined us here as Members of the TAC recently. Henry and Robert in Arizona, Jay in Alabama, Stephen and Dean in California, Todd in Alabama, plus renewals from two VERY early adopters – Ian in Utah and Edward in Florida…..a HUGE thank you goes out to all of you. Thanks for being a part of our community. Become a member here

Michael Boldin and John Michaels host this 41st episode of Tenther Radio! Boldin broadcasts live from Los Angeles and Michaels joins us from an undisclosed location somewhere near Weirdowood in the Deep South.

Nullify Now! Philadelphia was on Saturday, March 31 and if you missed it, don’t worry! The guys bring you some of the highlights, including speaker Blake Filippi, the founder of the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition. Blake gives an overview of the event from the eyes of a first-time Nullify Now! speaker AND attendee.

“There was an overwhelming feeling of hope.”


The Nullification Generation

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Michael Boldin and Nick Hankoff give updates on NDAA resistance in states around the country, share news on events in Missouri and Philly – and more.

Yesterday, the Tenth Amendment Center co-hosted a media conference call to update reporters on state and local resistance to the NDAA. One of the speakers, Green Party member, Progressive – Fairfax, CA town councilor – Larry Bragman – might have made the best statement possible on how to deal with the NDAA

“I think anybody who takes the oath of office in this country as an elected official has got to do what they can do to reverse, oppose and resist this bill, and that’s what we’re doing in Fairfax.”

Joining the show as a guest to talk about that media call – Blake Filippi, of the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition, and spokesman for the TAC during the event.

When asked about the states responses to the Fugitive Slave Acts, he mentioned, “The State of Rhode Island passed the personal liberty law, and essentially nullified the Fugitive Slave Act.  It forbade judges recognizing claims, it extended trial by jury, and provided habeas corpus to the slaves.”  He continued, “Massachusetts went so far that federal officials who took slaves through the Fugitive Slave Act called it kidnapping. ”


The Money Masters are Ripping You Off

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Michael Boldin and Jason Rink kick off the show talking about two new bills from Congress – HR347 and HR5 – the former on new “protest” laws and the latter on republicans pushing for mandates on the states in a big way while claiming to work on a repeal of part of Obamacare.

Jason Rink commenting on Special National Security Events, “These are events where the Secret Service are involved in any way.  You could have no knowledge that there is Secret Service present like at the Superbowl.  Even if you have no knowledge that the Secret Service is there, and after all, they are Secret Service.  This type of event is one where you have very limited options in exercising your free speech and protesting and it can be a Federal crime.

The first guest on the show was Pat Carmack – producer of the documentary, The Money Masters.


Bridging the Divide, Nullifying NDAA

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Michael Boldin and Jason Rink hosted a show set for a task of bridging the gap between the political Left and Right. Would it, could it, should it be the NDAA issue that brings everyone together?

At the YouTube channel TomWoodsTV Tom Woods says Demand Progress, a liberal political action group, is very comfortable signing onto a coalition finding ways to nullify NDAA’s kidnapping provisions. And Bryce Shonka, Deputy Director of TAC led a conference call with Bruce Fein, Matt Shay, and Naomi Wolf TAC and Bill of Rights Defense Committee for the media. Shonka reports that “Two groups started off never having to work together before” and then putting “together a really good product.”

This very Tenther Radio Blog was being typed by Nick Hankoff when Host Boldin asked for an update on this tenther’s day so far. This writer just happened to take a tour of the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve two hours prior.

Jason Rink has copies of the smash hit documentary film Nullification: The Rightful Remedy over at for per-order but you won’t have to wait if you pick up yours at Nullify Now! Philadelphia on March 31.

Robin Koerner, Huffington Post blogger responsible for the squeak of freedom on that site joined the show as the first guest. He says “people are so ready for what’s not just the Donkey-Elephant game.” Koerner quipped “Let’s try less Capitolism and more capitalism.”